Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


9. Lovely Night

“How was your day? I know it’s going to take some time getting used to this.”


Jack was shirtless. After everything that happened. JACK WAS SHIRTLESS.


“It was fine.”


“I see you decided to clean up a bit.”


“Yeah, I had to pass the time.”


Jack saw that I was still standing, “Come sit, I figured out what movie we're gonna watch.”


I slowly sat down.


“Actually, I was wondering if we could talk first.”


“Yeah sure,” he put the remote down.


I moved my body toward him, and crossed my legs.


With my knees up to my chest, I decided to say something.


“Why are you so nice to me? I come at your house and I fuck up everything. Not to mention I let you down when you needed me the most. All I want to know is, why did you ask me?”


“Angel, I wasn’t planning to ask you. It’s just that everything kind of fell into plan. When you hung out with me I started thinking about old times, and you were so good with Anna. If I hadn’t took the chance to ask you, I would've never saw Anna again. With music and everything, I was planning to let my mom take care of her. With my mom living so far away, I wouldn't even be able to see her for a second. You were my only hope.”




“Not to mention, you're the only one I trust.”


I was touched, but cynical at the same time.


I had never met Jack’s mom before, but I remember Alex mentioning her once.


Everything was finally making sense.


“Well, you have me now. And the house is fucking spotless-”


“So fucking spotless,”he laughed.


My heart had melted and molded into his hands. Seeing Jack smile made me want to forget about everything.


“So, what are we watching?”




“You've got to be fucking kidding me.”




“I've seen that movie like twelve times.”


“Thirteenth times the charm.”


He sounded like squidward as he laughed.


I rolled my eyes.


By the end of the movie, Jack was slowly closing his eyes. I felt the coldness on my feet as someone snatched the blanket.


Oh, so this is how you want to play.


I grabbed  a handful of the blanket and pulled it towards me.


Both of us started tugging at the blanket. When I had got it back the second time, Jack had opened his eyes.


I had looked somewhere else, and snatched it at the same time Jack did.

Within seconds, Jack had managed to fall on the floor.


When he had looked over, I pretended to fall asleep.


The look on my face had gave it away, and I started to chuckle. I had opened my eyes, and Jack was close to my face.


We stood there for a few seconds, and I could feel the tension.


Jack pulled me off the couch with him, and started laughing.


Instead of making a fuss, I just got back on the couch. I started watching the movie again, and soon fell asleep. It was not until, a crash of a car woke me up. I peeked over the covers, and Jack was scrolling through his phone.


My head moved towards the cable box.


12:30 AM


I’d seen Jack stay up late going out, but witnessing it in person was a whole other story. I think that he’s secretly an insomniac. Either that or he’s just nocturnal. Maybe even both.


The third time, I finally fell asleep.


When I woke up, Jack was nowhere to be seen.


I went into my room, and woke up at nine.


The sun had illuminated my room.


There wasn’t that much humidity in the air.


I walked around the house, took a brisk shower, and started looking for jobs.


Most of my work was done, but I had easily got distracted.


Jack’s door was wide open.


Closing the cap on my highlighter, I took a peak.


I didn’t fully go inside, I just glaced at the walls.


Someone knocked on the door, and I had fallen out of my trance.


I skipped over, and peeped through the hole.


The girl, who I had recognized as the girl who stayed over. She looked like a Kate, but I couldn’t really tell. She had a white cold shoulder top, back shorts, and heels. She had pearl bracelets and necklaces. Kate had a handback wrapped around her shoulder, and tapped her foot impatiently.


Kate knocked on the door again.


I had made a quick decision if I’d open the door or not. I decided that I would, and planned out what I would say in a quick second.


“Hello, are you looking for Jack?”


Get quick to the point.


“Yes, but obviously he’s not here.”


“Do you want to come in?”


“Yes, can I look around.”


“Actually, I have to go to the store in a few so make it quick.”


Is that too mean? If it is then...I don’t know.


In a quick second, I opened the door.




“Oh it’s you, the housekeeper.”

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