Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


14. Harmony


It was way too early in the morning when I heard loud arguing. I opened my door to find out that jack was on the phone. 


"I don't give a fuck, she's my child."


Jack paused. 


"I just don't understand, you never cared anyways."


He paused again. 


"Don't lie to me you-"


Jack sighed.


"Look I know your upset, but everything will be fine in the end"


"I'm always late, I'll talk to you later."


He hung up the phone without saying goodbye. 


I traveled to the kitchen. Jack looked behind and saw me standing there.


He slowly moved towards me and placed his hands on my shoulders.


The way Jack looked at me sent shivers down my spine. Jacks puppy dog eyes were as dark as ever. 


I saw a suitcase near the table. 


"Tracy's coming over in a little while. She's gonna take Annabella, so don't worry."


I looked at him blankly. 


"Lighten up, I'll only be gone for a few days."


I said nothing. 


"If anyone tries to fuck you over, I'll be right around the corner, " he laughed.


Jack had his hands on my neck, and before I knew it he squeezed my cheeks. The way he smiled made me sad that he was leaving. I was also afraid of the fact that he could lead me on so easily. I was drawn to jack, and I hated it.


I managed to smile back.


Jack had been gone for a couple of days, and I knew he was going to be gone for a few weeks. 


Me and Drew had been dating for some time and we agreed that I would at least pay for half of our meal when we go out. At least for the first couple of times...


One day he popped up out of nowhere, and I was afraid that he would see Annabella. 


Drew was wearing the most comfortable thing he owned. Even though he was in a long sleeve plaid dress shirt, and khakis. 


I opened the door and I was greeted with a  warm smile. 


He took me by surprise when he kissed me on the cheek. 


I was wearing a loose wavy dress and white sandals.


"How's my beautiful girl?"


"Literally the worst way you can greet a person."


Drew just threw his head back and laughed.


After we had gotten settled, Drew took out something out of his pocket.


He started going on about how I caught his eye, and how he thought I was the funniest person in the world. Drew also took both of my hands into his. 


Drew had got down on one knee. 


Holy shit?! I didn't actually think this was gonna happen. Is this a joke? It hasn't even been a year!


Drew sat back down, 


"I'm just kidding it's a promise ring."


"I hate you, " I felt all of the weight lift off my shoulders.


"I know, " he said while putting it on me.


"Shitttttt, " realizing I said that out loud, I covered my mouth.


The ring must've at least cost him half a thousand.


Drew just laughed, "I hope you know that I really care about you." 


"Drew no offense but-"


Jack Tracy, and Annabella barged in to find me and Drew holding hands.


"Drew this is Jack."


"Hi, are you staying with Angel?" jack paused.


"Actually I was just leaving." 


Drew kissed me on the cheek. He released his grip and headed towards the door. 


"It was nice to meet both of you."


I sighed on the inside. That was so embarrassing. Way to ruin the moment.

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