Just One Life (Sequel)

"Right then and there, I knew she wouldn't leave my side. She would do anything for me."


8. Can't go back

I stayed at Jack’s for the rest of the day while he was out.


Usually, I’d be at work right now. Things definitely changed since last year.


After I lingered around for a bit, my eyes laid upon the picture of Jack and Anna on the fridge.


Jack had held the small, cordial child in this hands. As Jack was lifting Annabella up, he kissed her cheek. There was a finger in the way of the shot, which I assume was Tracy’s. Annabella was giggling in the picture while Jack had nuzzled her cheek. Jack had a small amount of facial hair during then. Jack was as handsome as I’d ever seen him.


There was an empty room that I had dumped all of my things in. There were almost no pictures on the wall, but small souvenirs on shelves. What was odd is that there were more boxes packed then unpacked. It was as if there were little things that had been taken down or left.


After getting settled I started to tidy up around the house. I decided that I was going nowhere near Jack’s bedroom. Even thinking about it now made me cringe.


Though, there was still a curiosity of what memories he might have in there.


Next to “my” room is Annabella’s. Her room is quite small, but it looks bigger without  that much stuff in it.


The room has a kind of placid feel. Placid in a good way though, I could see why she would like it so much. The room can be described as serene, there wasn’t too much distraction. The room was painted a light sky blue. You could tell that it was at first a guest room. There were a couple of chairs. You could stare at the fan for hours, it was very swift as it moved.


I had forgotten what I was doing, and carried on cleaning.


By the time I was done cleaning the kitchen, I had learned so much about Jack. There were so many little things that made sense. For example, I remember Jack telling me that if he ever had his own house, there would at least one bottle of wine.


“Sometimes I feel like it’s to make me look proper.”


“Like James Bond” I smiled.


“Exactly Angel!” He nodded his head.


I chuckled at the thought. Sometimes it’s memories like that, that make me wish I’d never left.


“White or Red?”


Jack chuckled, “Angel, you could never go wrong with a little red wine.”


I was interrupted by the sound of the door opening.


Jack came rushing in, and I stood there with a blank face.


Seeing Jack coming back into his own house made me feel weird and embarrassed... at the same time.


I didn’t know whether to say high or not.  


But it’s good to clear the air.


I started to put everything away, and had slid past Jack to go change.


I came out in my PJ’s, and Jack was already on the couch.




Shit, can’t go back now.

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