Let Me Love You

She let out disgusted noise and rolled her eyes at me, “You probably don't even understand what the concept of loving someone even is, Justin. You keep me locked here in your house and don't let me leave. You don't take me anywhere. You barely communicate with me and you expect me to like you?” I watched her sit up in bed and swing her legs over the side as she looked into my eyes, “You're fucking beautiful, Justin Bieber, but you're fucked in the head. This?” She motioned around the room, “This isn't the way to get me to love you, or even like you for that matter. I've slept next to you every single night for the last how many days and we both lay awake, holding our breaths because you aren't even trying.”

I had to interrupt her, “I didn't want you to feel like I was forcing myself on you.” The frown didn't leave my face as she continued speaking, to say I was confused by her what she said would be an understatement. She wanted me to try?


11. 07-21 - All That Matters

~Justin's Point Of View~


12 AM, I looked at the clock so it was technically early morning and the date had changed. I sat in the range rover, waiting for Dre to show up. I had everything he'd requested in the back, I just continued to hope that Krystal was okay and that he'd keep his word. I was alone, but I wasn't stupid. I had 3 guns hidden on my body and I had no intention of letting him know they were there, but I also had no intention of letting him get away once I get her back. A black car came from my left side and I took a deep breath, preparing myself for what was about to go down. I opened my door and stepped out, closing it and watching every move of the vehicle in front of me. Dre stepped out alone, closing the door behind him.

“Did you bring what I requested, Bieber?” He had a cocky smirk on his face and I wanted to punch it off of him. My fists clenched at my sides as I imagined what I was going to do with him.

“It's in the back,” I gritted my teeth as I spoke and nodded towards the back of the rover, “Where is she? This is a trade, remember? You don't get what you want until I get what I want.” He gave me a looked that feigned his impression and he opened the limo door again, reaching in and yanking her out roughly. I had to stop myself from reacting to catch her as she almost collapsed on the ground. She had tears streaming down her face and with the dim light above, I couldn't tell how badly she was injured, but from what I could see, my stomach turned. Without a word, I motioned for Dre to follow me around to the back of the rover. He lead her roughly by her arm and I could see her fight to not let out a shriek of pain. I didn't take my eyes off of her as I opened the hatch, “It's all here, now give me the girl.” His eyes trailed from me to all of his money and drugs stacked neatly in the back of my rover. He looked back to me again and shoved her roughly towards me, so rough, in fact, that I almost didn't catch her. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly backed away as Dre signaled his men to move the products out of my vehicle. She buried her head in my neck and I could hear her soft whimpers as she cried.

“It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Bieber,” Dre nodded his head with a sickening smirk as the last of the product was moved and he returned to his car. As soon as the car pulled off, I pulled her tighter into my arms.

“I'm so fucking sorry, Baby,” I pulled away to look at her face as I cupped it in my hand, “What did they do to you?” She didn't speak, but she'd began to sob now, “Come on, we're going to the hospital.” I closed the hatch with one hand and lead her to her side of the car, opening the door and helping her step up into the vehicle. I didn't bother buckling her seat belt, because she looked like she was in too much pain. After carefully closing the door, I nearly ran to the driver's side and shifted into drive, reaching over to touch her thigh. Her flinch didn't go unnoticed to me, “I swear, Baby, no one's ever gonna hurt you again. I'm so sorry.” It was taking everything in me not to let the tears stream down my face. I kept an eye on her as I drove towards the hospital. I didn't even care that I'd parked in a handicapped spot as I quickly got out and ran around to her side. I picked her up, bridal style and she wrapped her right arm around my neck, not being able to move her left. I carried her inside and immediately demanded she be seen. The nurses didn't hesitate to grab a stretcher and direct me to lay her down. This was the first time I'd noticed all the cuts and bruises that were visible and not covered by her torn clothing and my anger grew.

“How did this happen, Sir?” One of the nurses asked.

“I-I don't know,” I stuttered, quickly making up a story in my mind, “S-She's my girlfriend, but she was dropped at my doorstep like this. She hasn't said what happened.” The nurse looked at me like she didn't believe me.

“You'll need to wait in the waiting room while we examine her and ask her a few questions,” The nurse seemed less friendly as each second ticked by.

“Are you sure I can't be with her?” I reached up, brushing her hair back and out of her face, meeting her gaze as the tears started to form in my eyes.

“You'll be able to see her once we've fixed her up,” The nurse spoke, “Now the doctor is waiting to examine her. We'll send someone out to get you when we're finished.” I leaned down, kissing her forehead as the tears slid out of my eyes and I slowly backed away from the cot. I watched as they wheeled her behind a set of doors and fell to my knees, finally letting the tears flow freely down my cheeks.



~Krystal's Point Of View~

Once they'd given me the shot of Demerol, I wasn't sure how long it took them to fix me up. I wasn't even sure what all they'd done until I heard talking outside my room. I instinctively knew that the nurse was talking to Justin, telling him everything; even the things I wished he'd never know.

“We're going to keep her here for a few days, Mr. Bieber. She's been badly beaten and has a few fractures. Her left arm is broken and may need surgery in the future and she's broken 3 ribs on her left side. She needed 17 stitches in her shoulder and we had to snap it back into place due to it's dislocation. She hasn't said a word yet, but a rape kit was performed and showed that she's got multiple tears from being raped, but unfortunately, there is no DNA evidence. So, until she talks, we won't know who to start the process of pressing charges against. The police have been notified and should be here with questions for the both of you within the hour. She's currently bandaged up and we're giving her strong pain medication which may cause a little confusion or even some delusions. We felt it was best to put as much of a stop to her pain as possible.”

“I-Is she gonna be okay?” I heard him ask.

“Physically, she will make a full recovery. We often find that after being beaten and raped so harshly, the emotional part of healing is the issue. We'll leave that alone for the next couple days, but once she's recovered enough to leave, we do recommend that she start seeing a therapist to work through the emotional damage this has caused.”

“Can I see her?” He asked, his voice had a tone to it that I'd never heard before and I wasn't able to pin-point how he felt for the first time. I didn't like it and I frowned, to the best of my abilities as he made his way in the room and towards me. “Baby,” He whispered, nearly running to my side and taking my hand. He took it between both of his own and kissed it repeatedly, “I'm so fucking sorry, Baby,” At this point, the tears started streaming down his face, “I never meant for this to happen. I promise I'll kill every last one of them. Please don't hate me.”

“Why would I hate you, Jay?” My voice was hoarse when I finally spoke and I could still only see out of one eye, “You didn't do this,” Tears started flowing down my cheeks as well, “I'm sorry if you don't want me anymore because of what they did to me.” He leaned on the bed carefully, his lips hitting my forehead as he spoke.

“I will never not want you, Baby. Ever. None of this is your fault. I feel responsible for all of this happening to you and when I thought I'd lost you, I felt like I was dying inside. I swear, they're gonna pay for this and I'm never leaving you alone again.”

“The whole time,” I spoke through my tears, “I just kept praying that you'd find me. I kept praying that you were looking for me and wouldn't stop until you saved me.”

“I will always save you, Sweetheart,” He whispered, pulling away just far enough to look into my good eye, “I will always, always come for you, no matter the situation. You're a part of me now and I can't live without you. Nothing makes sense unless you're with me. You're all that matters to me now.”

“How can you still want me after what they did to me? I'm ruined,” I began to cry again, even though I'd tried my hardest not to.

“You're not ruined, Baby Girl,” He shook his head and brushed my hair back gently, “This is all gonna heal and we're gonna go back to what we had while we were away. We're not gonna let this come between what we have. I'm gonna take care of them and you're gonna heal and then we're gonna go back to being us. I don't love you any less because of this. I just hope you feel the same.”

“I would never love you any less, Jay. I promised I'd love you forever and I meant it.”

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