And the snakes start to sing

Base on personal experiences with a little embellishment, this is a gripping story of a case that stops DCIs Forman and McCombe in their tracks.

When a teenage girl is attacked on a bridge there is only one suspect. But it's not as simple as that. With twists, turns and a brain aching case, will the truth ever come to light?


1. CHAPTER ONE - Sasha

I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t… Breathe. The pain. The pain was like nothing I’d felt before. I could feel bleeding, a familiar bleeding unlike any other.  Everything was dark. Everything was a blur. The world felt like it was spinning, swirling around me in a dizzying frenzy. I felt the tears seep from my eye, running down my cheeks, dripping from my chin, tracing the edge of my lips. Everything was agony. With my stinging hands I clutched my phone to my ear. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn't think. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t move.


    I heard the click of the phone being picked up at the other end. Heaving breaths and shaking voice, I sobbed down the phone.
    “What’s happened?!” The alarmed voice echoed back, “Sash, What’s happened!?” I couldn’t make words, I couldn’t make sounds that made sense, instead I just squealed sobbing moans of pain down the phone. “Sash? Are you alright?!” His voice harsh and rough with fear.
    “Help… P-…  Please… Help me.” I sobbed down the phone, shaking, the blood on my hands sticking to the handset.
    “Where are you?” He asked, urgency overpowering any other tone in his voice.
    “T-… Town bridge.” I murmured, struggling for breath.
    “I’m coming, stay there, I’m on my way.” And then came the sounds of feet pounding the ground as he ran down the road, panting breaths through stinging lungs as the cold air hung still. I kept the phone to my ear, whining small sobs curled over in pain.


    Seconds felt like hours, but eventually the sound of feet slamming the ground on the phone synchronized with those running up the slope of the bridge towards me. The familiar arms I’d been waiting for wrapped tight around me as he pulled me into his chest, stroking my head as I cried.  His lips pressing against my forehead.  He wrapped his whole self around me, pulling me into his lap, gently rocking me.
    “Shhh, Shhhh… You’re safe, you’re safe now. I’m here now, Shhhh…” He held me so tightly.


And then came the howl of sirens and the glaring of lights. And then there were voices shouting. Feet stormed up the other side of the bridge.  Deep growls yelled out. Suddenly, he was on his feet, the comfort of his presence disappeared. I curled up tighter into myself. Through clouded, tear blurred vision I could see him on the ground beside me. Knees curled to chest. Face pressed against the rough concrete. Arms locked behind his back. One vested officer stood over him, one hand on his back the other wrapping metal cuffs around his wrists. Another officer knelt beside me, wrapping his heavy thick jacket around my shoulders, pulling me in close. Only these arms weren’t comforting. They were harsh and rough, gripping tightly in a way I didn’t like.

    Then they scooped me up, carrying me away from the scene. Placed in the back of an ambulance, I watched as he was marched from the bridge to the police cars. I tried to scream out, to tell them I wanted him, to tell them I needed him, but I couldn’t make any sound. And then the noise started getting louder and the world started spinning again and then… Black

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