The Creation of; Yuno Gasai

This is the sad backstory of Gasai Yuno(Mirai Nikki's most iconic character).

This fanfic describes the beginning of Gasai Yuno and gives us a a close up of her terrible experiences in childhood leading up to her becoming, what everbody knows her as today; our beloved yandere queen.

- Fanfiction by me is based upon the character Yuno Gasai, from the anime Mirai Nikki(Future Diary). -


2. Yuno

A frail girl is sitting in a cage. Her legs are sore and knees scraped. Her pink eyes send off a red glow in the darkness of the living room, and she’s only accompanied by a small chair and a lamp, resting on the floor nearby. The girl in captivity is Yuno Gasai. She’s almost 12 years old, but her skeletal frame tells a different story. Even though you wouldn’t be able to tell; through the big yellow sweater and the high socks, covered behind the black knee-length skirt, Yuno’s small body trapped behind the bars, has a ribcage on constant display, and the only sounds escaping through her thin lips, are the desperate airy breaths she once in a while is forced to let slip. Yuno’s pink hair is tied into two separate sections and only holds its position thanks to the small red ribbons at the bottom of her long locks.

The clock strikes midnight and a small ray of light escapes into the living room, from underneath the kitchen door. “It’s daddy.” Yuno thinks to herself, as she forces her small body up against the corner of the cage. Yuno listens as she can hear the door of the fridge open. Her mouth starts to water and her pupils dilate. She hasn’t eaten in the last two days and the thought of food makes small drops of saliva spill, from the corner of her mouth, sliding down her dry and flaky lips. The door to the living room suddenly opens. Yuno’s foster father walks in. He has a bottle in one hand and a bowl of rice in the other. As he turns on the light, Yuno covers her eyes, “too bright.” She whispers.

“Daddy?”  Yuno looks up at the man, standing in front of her. “I quit my job.”  The man Yuno calls father mutters. “Mamma, she…” Yuno tries, but fails to speak more words. Her ability to structure a complete sentence has failed her once again. The man doesn’t answer, but instead just stands there. It feels like ages, as Yuno watches the small bowl of rice slowly, but surely disappearing and the bottle of, what is assumed to be alcohol, empty. As the hours pass, Yuno can’t help but to fall asleep.

Yuno wakes up in the morning, by the smell of delicious tamagoyaki, which is placed in front of her small cage. The cage door is finally left unlocked and Yuno desperately scurries towards the food. Yuno’s foster mother stands in the corner of the room, observing as Yuno eats in an inhumanely fast pace. “Be thankful!” She shouts at Yuno, who is now completely unable to control her eating. “You don't even care about me!” She screams, running towards her, grabbing the plate of food, snatching it away from Yuno, whose mouth is still filled with food. Yuno’s father is nowhere to be seen and Yuno curls into a ball, almost unable to control her tears from falling down her cheeks whilst still chewing and swallowing the small pieces of egg in her mouth.

 “You’re so greedy! There’s a reason I keep you locked up! I'm a terrible mother” Yuno’s foster mom walks away, towards the kitchen and with the plate still in her hand, before emptying it all in the trashcan. Yuno is sitting still, quietly observing, and still not quite understanding why she isn’t allowed to eat or why she can’t go to school anymore. “Mamma… I love you.” Yuno cries silently to herself.

Yuno’s foster father suddenly walks in. He’s drunk and falls to the floor in a fast motion, right in front of her; leaving a small stain of blood on the floor, as he hits his head on the wooden surface. The loud banging sound, forces Yuno’s foster mother to rush over, leaning in over her husband’s body. “Yuno! Run out! Get help!” She screams. Yuno is driven to rise from the floor, and in a fast movement she runs towards the door, before something in her mind suddenly snaps.

In the matter of a couple of seconds, it’s like the world starts spinning and everything in Yuno’s head is in slow-motion.  

Yuno quickly turns around, looks back at her foster mother who’s still screaming, leaning in over her foster father’s passed out body, and that’s when she makes her decision.

Yuno swiftly grabs a hold of the lamp, resting on the floor, and in one forceful blow, swings it towards the woman who raised her. Her foster mother falls to the ground and her slender frame lands right next to her husband's body.

Yuno, speechless and in a haze, drops the lamp, looking at the now blood covered floor. Yuno falls to her knees, looking at the two people in front of her, realizing that they’re both still breathing.







“Daddy…?”, “Mamma?” The young girl’s voice almost breaks, as she's been calling out for hours.

Yuno wipes away a tear, forcing a smile and gazing into the scared eyes of the man and the woman, trapped behind thick steel bars. “Mamma, I’m glad you're awake, because I'm gonna go to school now and when I come home, I will tell you all about my day, and we’ll finally be like one happy family.” The innocent smile of a little girl quickly changes and forms into a sad and hollow expression, and she knows that from now on, she is forced to fake it and this reality is what marks the beginning of Yuno Gasai.  

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