Feral Demon! AU

An idea i have been playing with - also on Ao3

Update shedule

Ao3 - mondays

Movella - sundays



1. Episode 1 - The Pick-up

,,Boss! This is pequod, we have arrived at LZ!’’

The fact that no reply came was worrying.

,,he usually shows up quite fast.’’

,,right. Wait- look over there’’ the copilot pointed to the glass door of his main pilot who followed the direction

,,is that him?’’ both leaned slightly to see, unsure- it was a somewhat slouching silhouette working its way towards the helicopter

,,I- I don’t know.’’

,,shit, what if it’s a skull?’’ he didn’t blame the copilot- he was still somewhat of a recruit, at least somewhat freshly recruited for the diamond dogs - and talk about ‘the skulls’ had spread quickly- the mother base wasn’t that big after all.

,,I doubt it.’’ the silhouette had come closer by now and with that more recognizable, it was indeed the boss. However both pilots’ heart rates went up at the sight of him being covered in blood and some kind of dazed glare

,,what do you think is up with him?’’

,,hell if i know’’ they watched over their shoulders as the man scrambled for the bars just in front of the entrance, visibly having issues getting in- his breath also sounded ragged and as if his chest was hollow

,,Boss!, is everything alright?’’

No reply as he simply slumped down on the floor

,,close the door would you Blackbird. I don’t think he can muster it PT’’ the copilot stood up and carefully stepped around the man and slid the door shut before slipping back in his seat as the main pilot was calling the mother base

,,hello? Mother base? This is pequod! We seem to have a problem.’’

,,yes. This is Ocelot. What is it, do you require back up?’’ the two pilots shared a look

,,no…’’ he trailed off as a sudden scream came from the man in the back, Blackbird jumped in his seat, Ocelot urged them on to spit out what the issue was

,,its. Something’s not right with the boss…’’ another shout and sound of movements, the man was writhing and shaking, gasping and occasionally screaming again

Ocelots voice was perfectly clear though through the screams of their boss as he ordered them to get back ASAP to the mother base

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