I had to get this out. If you want to add advice, I don't care. Thanks for reading, Willow.


3. The next day...

Over the weekend that person texted you. They said, “I’m really sorry, I miss you…” You texted back and said “I miss you too. My parents just were asking about you.” Then that person stopped talking to you over text. For the rest of the weekend, that person didn’t talk to you. You come to school on Monday expecting that person to come up to you, to say hi and give you a hug. But it went right back to the way it was. You don’t know why you didn’t expect it. That person went right over to their friends, ignored you. As they have since Thursday last week. Still don’t know what you did wrong. You walk to health class and you start to color for the first five minutes, like you’re supposed to. You see that person across the way, and you stare at them and look away. They can see your soul again. Then when you go to put your stuff away, you decide to try and strike up a conversation.

“Hey,” You say. “You remember (insert name here) from soccer?” You ask.

“Yeah so?” That person replies snydly.

“Well she got lice.” You answer because you’re worried about the girl.

“Ok so…?” You get in reply. You stare at that person for a second before saying,

“Thought you might want to know.”

You walk away and sit down. You ignore that person. You change seats and you get put with your other friends. You smile but then you look over at that person. They glare at you. You start to ignore them again and go to pay attention.


You head to your locker and are really suprised when that person shows up there. She smiles and starts talking to you just like she used to. Guess everything's back to normal for now…..


That person walked by you in the hall. You asked them if you could eat lunch with them. They just shook their head. You got a pass for the media center. You ended up not going. You had nothing to do at recess so you started to play Gaga in the gaga pit. You got out and started to walk over to the ball bin to grab a basket ball when you see that person and their other friend walk out the door. They start playing soccer, just like you used to. So you grab the basketball and run to the corner of the building. You start bouncing it and after a while one of your other friends come over. He plays with you so you’re not sad. Then you go inside and that person acts like you’re best friends again. You just don’t understand anymore.

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