I had to get this out. If you want to add advice, I don't care. Thanks for reading, Willow.


5. The next day/ Falling apart

You're in Health class and you look over at that person. They stare at you and make you feel uncomfortable. Then you think you see a hint of something in their eyes, and they look away. Was it guilt, sadness or your imagination? You choose to think it's your imagination and you start to listen. You start to notice that that person doesn't look to good. Their hair is messed up, when it's usally perfect. Their eyes are red, as if they have been crying. That person was picking at their nails. You know that person hates when people do that and tries not to do it herself. And that person only does it when their nervous. You don't know how to but you want to help her very much. You want to go over and give her a hug and say, "I missed you." And having that person hug you back and say, "I missed you too." But everytime you look over it doesn't look like they would do that, ever again. You're confused. But you gotta move on. Even though in your head you know you can't.


You're listening to the music so loud you can't hear anyone because you are so pissed and are on the verge of crying. You don't know what to do. You're gonna give up. Your ready. And you know that that person will never care about you ever again.

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