Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


20. White day = Best day!

Today you woke up with a strange mix og nervousness, happiness and excitement in your stomach. It was the the last day before the winter holidays and there was "white day" at your school. White day was a day everyone pretended to be excited for, but unless you were a sportsperson and had a really good self-confidence, you were dying of nervousness. 

On white day everyone in high school went to the gym-hal and used the whole day on competing in four different  sports. In the start most people is shy and acting awkward, because of the fact that you're going to play sports in front of basically the whole school. After a couple hours it usually turns from awkward to the most amazing day ever!!!!

In your little school everyone knew each other pretty good and talked crosswise the classes. You loved your friends and had the best day EVER laughing and cheering at your friends playing, when you weren't. But one thing made it even better.... H/N (his name)... H/N was your boyfriend. Everyone at your school had for almost a year teased you with how cute a couple you were and everything that comes with it... INCLUDING THE TEACHERS!!! In Denmark, were you lived, you were all very close with the small amount of teachers you had! You were a very new couple and not everyone knew about you...YET!

You and your friends stood down close to the "inside-field" and cheered, and your two funny and closest teachers sat on the grandstands just behind you watching the game to. H/N was playing football in the final against another class. H/N scored the final goal and the team crowded together in the middle. You just stood against boards laughing at something your teacher yelled from behind you, when H/N came running towards you. You actually didn't see him until he stood right in front of you. 

"Heyy" he whispered before crashing his lips on yours. His teammates on the field whistled and screamed, while your face became tomato-red. 

But the day wasn't over. You had to go to your cousins birthday and your whole family was coming. As if that wasn't enough it was the first time H/N had to meet most of your family. When the last finals were being played, you got your bag and went to the toilet to change into a dress and some high heels, taking your hair out of your ponytail, letting it live it's own life... You didn't really use make-up so you were done pretty quick. H/N did exactly the same as you and changed into something a little more presentable cloth than shorts and a t-shirt. 

You went back to the gym to say goodbye to your friends, which you had a whole lot of. You're teachers made some cheeky comments to H/N, before you waved and ran out of the gym, throwing the bags on the bicycle. You sat on the back holding on to H/N.

He bicycled to the train-station were you locked the bicycle and caught a train. About half an hour later you reached the boat were the party already had started. Your parent and siblings were already there. Your were an hour late, but they already knew that you couldn't make it in time because of school. When you stepped in your cheeks was all red from the cold air outside, but you were beautiful.

You said hi to everyone, introducing H/N. You got a drink and 15 minutes later it was time to eat. The food was delicious and you sat at a really great table with your mom H/N and some of your closest family. Later in the night you danced and you felt more happy than ever!


It ended up being the best evening ever! You talked with everyone you could and when the night was over it felt like H/N had been a part of the family forever. 

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