Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


18. The greek guy...

Past story:
So you and your boyfriend just had your 2 year anniversary. You guys were literally the cutest couple EVER! It's like you were still new in love. You guys met each other through dancing. You kissed for the first time when you both won the World Championship. He in the male-group of course! But that's a very long story...

Now after the best two years of your life you had just finished an important job in LA. Some dancing stuff of course❤️
You loved traveling and you did it basically every time you had the chance! But now it was summer break in Denmark were you lived and something very exciting was going to happen...
Nicky (your boyfriend) was half Greek, his dad were from Greece. You had been there four times with him and it had been wonderful. His family was so kind. And they kept saying the loved you. Especially his grandma. A very old Greek lady, but one of the kindest people on earth😱

You had become really good friends with literally everyone there include the place itself!!!

But there's this special tradition in his family... In the first 3 years, the families have to meet or it will mean bad luck. And because you had your anniversary just before summer break this was your last chance to take your family with you to Greek. So around Christmas you talked to your mom, your stepdad and your three siblings about the next summer break. And they were absolutely thrilled😅

So that was the plan... The last half a year you had been super busy. You were one of the most known dancers in the world and you just finished your 4 months long work in LA making the choreography for Justin Bieber's new tour! Nicky had come to visit a couple of times but you missed him like no other😰

So the three weeks with him in Greece was something you looked very much forward to😂

So today was the day... You had a flight at 06.00 am so you had to be up quarter past 3, so you were already In the airport at 09:30. One of Nickys friends Sean came to pick you up In his huge taxi! You kneb the way out and when he finally saw you je gave you a biiiig hug. When you pulled out he gave you a envelope "Nicky told me to give you this". You looked confused at it while Sean picked up all your luggage😚 In the car you lokkede at the envelope. On the outside it said: To the love of my life. "What's that Y/N?" "I don't know" everyone In the car looked at you. You opened the letter and read it, soon a little tear took it's way down your chin. "Read it ou LOUD" Your little sister almost screamed. "Ida, she only have to read it out loud if she wants to!" "It's fine mom" "you really wanna hear it" "YEAH" 

You hole family starred at you while you read it out loud.

Dear love

When we hug my heart tingles,

When we kiss my souls sizzels,

If feel happy when we cuddle,

We both are in love's beatiful bubble,

I love you 

Xoxo your Boobear

PS: hope you remembered to change on the flight, we will take a little shortcut❤️

"Nuuuuurgh" Everyone said. You just sat smiling inside and outside....

After driving for just about 30 minutters he drove up to a little farm. As soon as he stopped the car you jumped out of the car and ran into Nickys arms "So guys the journey for me ends here, it has been lovely to meet you guys, as you can see Nicky and his father is right there, they will take care of you from now. I'm sure we will meet later but until then i hope you have a lovely time here en Greece"

After you guys hugged, kissed and you know all that stuff Nickys dad said "okay guys i only have two seats in the front who will sit in the back" and he didn't mean in the back as a backseat but more like this back:

Ida said i wanna sit in the back with Emma. "I'm sorry Ida but i think i'm gonna borrow her on the motorcykel" he said while smiling and hugging you from the back. "Hmmmpf, your not gonna borrow her for the motorride your gonna borrow her for the next three weeks!" "That doesn't sound bad either" you turned your neck around and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Bvadr" Everyone laughed and got in the truck while you sat in the back of the motorcykel with Nicky in the front. You had a flower dress with sandals and a bathingsuit on underneath.

In Greece you don't use safety helmet so you hair got pretty messy on the fifthteen minnutes drive down to the sea. Yeah the sea. Nicky had his own little boat, which had been his grandads ungil a few years ago. It was the most beautiful beach ever. Your big sister hadent stopped taking pictures since we landed in the airport❤️ 
But you had to admiral there was beautiful. Just NOT as beautiful as the town they are gonna see in just about an hour. 

When you got to the beach, only you, Nicky and Nickys dad knew what was about to happen. You got of the motorbike and Nickys dad and Nicky moved it up on the car were your siblings were to! You put your shoe up there too before  Nicky took your hand and whispered "you ready?" "yes" you giggled. And then you ran all the way into the sea💗 
"What are they doing" your little sister finally asked full of confusion. "They are just taking a little shortcut" Nickys dad said with a deep chuckle.
You swam as fast as you could of there. You got the best start but og course Nicky ...... caught up on you in e few seconds😂 Which ended up in quite a big waterfight. Your family looked a minute or to before Nickys dad said "alright let's get you guys home" "wait...uum... if they're taking the boat, where do you live then?" You big brother asked. Then Nickys dad said " Can you see that little Island over there?" 
"Barely" he said whole squezzing his eyes. "That's where we live" he said with a smile that with easyness shows how much they all loves this place❤️

They drives for about ren minutes to kind of a harbour. Or more like a beach with a little road and a huge kind boat/raft. He drives the the whole car on the raft and says hi to an quite old guy, who everyone guesses is the one to manage whatever this is! It took about 40 minutes to sail from the main island to the tiny, tiny island which was the most beautiful place on earth! 

While they were sailing they found out that it was Nickys uncle who was in charge og the raft. He told them about the  islands history and stuff. My siblings and especially my parents were mind blown by all the bates of this island! After the sailing they drove for a little ten minutes before being on another harbour where they found us. While they had been sailing you had taking the short cut.

As soon as you got up on the boat and caught you breath, you looked around and saw that you were completely alone. Your family had driven away and there was no one on the beach. Your clothes was soaked of course but Nicky told you that he had taking care og that. First you just stood there smiling, looking around at the absolutely beautiful surroundings. You were about to take your drenched dress up when someone whispered in your ear "oh, no, i'm taking care of this!" You chuckled while he slowly took your dress of kissing your neck😍 It only took half an hour to sail to the harbour so you had lots of time when you came over there. You just laid on the boat kissing, cuddling and "stuff"... You almost fell asleep when you heard a car sounding it's horn a little further up the road. Nicky kissed you head and got up. You had just played in your underwear, letting it dry, until a few minutes ago! He had brought the most beautiful dress, With flower print and almost strapless back! 

You asked him where he got it, and he told you that grandma made it. You smiled inside and outside thinking that she made it specially for you.... 

But back to the boat!

You ran up the beach and jumped on the back of the car with your siblings laughing with sand all over you, and beauty hair. You drove for 20 minutes onto he stopped. You laughed at your siblings faces when they saw there was no house. Your little sister said "come on, when are we actually gonna se the house?"

When they first found out that they had to step onto a donkey, they were terrified, but they figured it out a couple of minutes later than you. The donkeys took you up to the house were his whole family were waiting to give you and your family a holiday you must likely will NEVER forget!!!

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