Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


17. Sweet 16th

You were 16 years old and your parents was divorced. To be honest your family wasn't poor, actually they were quite rich. Or to be more exact my dad was quite rich. He's like one of those rich dads you see in the movies. Very overprotective, like in extremely overprotective. He wouldn't let you see any other guys than your best friend and dance partner Sean. But that's a whole other story. You live in a really big house were you had your own gigantic room, dressing room, bathroom even your own dance studio.  

But at your mom's it was quite different. You lived in a quite big house but you only had your own room which you were deeply grateful for. Your mom found a boyfriend with three kids. But you loved this home to pieces. It was funny and to you it felt like freedom. At your dad's you couldn't even always find your clothes yourself. That was one of your housemaids job. You had three housemaids. One as a chef and a cleaner. One for the biggest cleaning and your dad and his wife. And the last one was Anna, her job was taking care of the children and you. You two had become really good friends over the years. Of course for dad not to know!

As you got 16, your dad was hosting a big sweet 16th birthday party for you. It was a ballroom kind of party with long dresses and all that stuff. It wasn't because you hated these very formal partys. It just wasn't you. But your mom had promised you an sweet little 16th birthday, with mini pizzas and picnic in your garden with your family and friends. So you were alright. Actually you were quite excited for this party. 

This year you had a special guest. Your boyfriend. A couple weeks ago you talked to your dad. He knew you liked some kind of guy, cause even though you weren't that close, you couldn't lie to him. Therefore you told him the truth every weekend you had to go home a little bit earlier. You told him that you were meeting with this guy. He had asked a couple of times who he were, how old he was and all that stuff. But you answered every question with a smile on your face. And because of that and because your dad wasn't dum he kinda knew this day would come and that it would come soon. So when you asked your dad if he could come, he said he would think about it. 

A week after he called you and asked if you could be ready in 15 minutes, you were actually home with Christopher, but because you had an idea of what he wanted to say, you said yes. You talked to Christopher and he took home. Anyway it wasn't because he interrupted anything else than a kiss. You changed into a dress put your hair up and picked you new purse. 15 minutes after there was a knock on the door. It was Harold. Your dads driver. The sweetest old man that has ever existed on this earth. You loved him to pieces. Since you were little you sat with him on the passenger seat even though your dad said, that you weren't allowed. But you did it anyway, and at the last road before driving down our road, he stopped i got out of the passanger seat and jumped in the back. 

Then your dad wouldn't see it!

But you talked with him the whole way, which only was a quarter but still. He was so calm and relaxing i could feel my eyes getting heavy, when he tells one of his many stories about the time when he was a young man and travelled the world. When you jumped in the back of the car, he asked what have you done to your dad, he has been out of this world for a whole week now. You smiled and told him what you asked your dad last week. He smiled "ahh now i see".

But anyway you got out to your dads, he greeted you in living room and you sat down for dinner. Out of sudden your dad said "honey i have thought about you and Christopher, and i've talked to Ane (Your stepmom), and yes he can come" he looked you in the eyes to see your reaction. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, you ran round the table to your dad and gave him a hug. he laughed saying "don't get to exited i have to meet this guy first!". The rest of the night you were smilling inside and outside. Harold was though a bit surprised your dad agreed to that. But even though he wasn't good at showing it you knew that deep inside your dad loved you.

On your way home you texted him "I don't hope you have any plans next weekend...." He texted back "WHAT" "DID HE ACTUALLY SAY YES" "Kind of i'll call you when i get back home"

But you didn't have to at all, when Harold sat you of at your house, he stood outside the house.  You walked out of the car and walked over to me. You put your arms around his neck, and smiled like an idiot. Did he, did he say yes.
yes, you almost whispered on his lips, still with a smile plastered on you face. He kissed you, oh these lips. Like they were made to kiss you... DYT DYT....
Harold had turned the car and started to drive away.With Christophers arms around your waist, you turned your head backwards and wawed.  I'm glad to finally meet your dad! Yeah me too... 
He kissed you again

The next friday Harold picked you to up at your house. Harold was so sweet to Christopher and i could feel him relax a bit. You before we arrived Harold stopped the car. Time Emma! Oh sorry i forgot. he started the car again, and you quickly told him what you usually does when you sit in the front. Your dad what surprisingly also very polite to him. Your dad asked if you wanted something to drink, so you sat down in the kitchen for a drink before you showed Christopher around the house. Which took quite a long time!!! When you ended in the kitchen Anna came towards you }he's in the garden Hi you then said and gave her a big hug, only because your dad was in the garden! I was told to tell you that you have to come with me, me and Elizabeth (one of the housemaids) have to try your dress and stuff. Christopher Jan (you dad) wants to see you in the garden.

You quickly kissed him and said good luck.

The rest of the went by with you trying dresses, makeup, hair and so on.
In the evening your dad came in to the library where you and Christopher were having a cup of tea. He looked very uncomfortable going in here, and spole very slowly. I've made sure the guest room is in case you know....Call me if theres anything you need Emma!...uum...sleep well. And then he left without giving you any kind of chance to respond👌🏼
Of course you didn't have to use the spareroom, but you thought it was kinda sweet how nervous your dad is about all this. It makes you think tabt he is actually going through some tough stuff.... 

The next day EVERYTHING was caotic!!! Everyone was running around working their asses of🙈🙈🙈
But it paid of in the evening when everything looked perfect! 

The party went perfectly.  Christopher and you greeted everyone together and you explained who the people were. Or to be more exactly you told him about the people you knew.  You danced with your dad and did all the traditions you had to do. 
But things like this were you have to be all smilling and happy and open, can be really devasting... So later on the night you took Christopher with you outside and went for a little walk, you showed him the pavilion! He gave me his hand wanna dance. 

It was quite romantic. It was the best birthday at your dads EVER! 

But you also very much enjoyed your picnic in you Big old garden. With your real family and friends which bands you don't have to practice😂



Written: October 29th

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