Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


5. Hairspray

You were an amazing dancer.

This is a Kirtsen Dodgen best moments video. In this imagine i picture myself being as good as her, just looking like myself.



You had just been on tour with Rihanna for 8 months and it had been the most amazing experience EVER. BUT... It had also been really hard. You had to be away from your amazing boyfriend Johannes Nymark. Of course you had been home a couple of times, and he actually surprised you by coming to New York the night you had to perform in Madison Square Garden, but other than that you had only been seeing each other over Skype. 

For pictures of Johannes, look at the bottom!

Johannes was one of Denmark's most famous actresses. He had been in a couple of movies, but he definitely enjoyed performing live the most. Just like you🍀 Therefore he enacted in musicals the most. Right now he was practising for "Hairspray" which was going to be played in Tivoli. One of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions. It was a really big thing playing in Tivoli and you knew he was very nervous. Even the queen was coming to see the play!

But because of the tour with Rihanna you hadn't seen any of the rehearsals😰

The last show on the tour was on May 11th, but your flight home was first on May 13th. That may not seem like a problem, but it was! The premier was on May 12th, and you really wanted to support your boyfriend😘

So as the amazing girlfriend you were, you made a plan, so you could surprise him😂. If you could make it to a flight from the USA on May 12th in the morning, maybe you could get there in time for the play. So you asked your manager if they would allow that. He talked to the crew and came back with good news. Of course they could do that, they've already changed the plane tickets! So after the last show in Orlando you rushed back to the hotel to pack your backs. You didn't have to say goodbye to all your friends on the tour, cause you would all meet up again a week after at the Coachella 2016 where you had to perform together for the last time.

You packed your backs and got about 4 hours of sleep before you grabbed a cap to the airport. At five a.m. you sat at some benches outside the gate with your Starbucks coffee, waiting for the gate to open. While you were listening to music thinking about how excited you were to see him, he called you. You panicked a couple of seconds before you realised that you sat in front of a white wall, just like in all the arenas green rooms, so he probably couldn't see the difference. And he couldn't be surprised that you were awake cause you had to be awake at this this anyway💋

YUP, tour life can be quite hard, when you have to get up 5 a.m. every morning😂 

So you took the phone seeing the lovely face, you hopefully was about to see with your own eyes in only 10 hours. "hey love" he said with a smile, that just didn't seemed real. "hey, whats up you look quite depressed" "i'm just nervous and i miss you like crazy"he said while sighing deeply. He looked down on his hands. "hey, don't be sad, it's an exciting day you should be more excited than nervous. You're amazing and you know that. You're gonna be great! nothing to worry about" "Thanks, but i still miss you" "I miss you to, but i will be home before you know it" "i know, i could just really use a hug right now" "i know me too"

You talked a little more but when you saw the flight attendant begin to go onboard you thought they would say something in the speakers soon, so you quickly said goodbye. The whole way home you either slept or just sat smiling about the fact that you were gonna feel his lips on yours in just a few hours❤️

You talked to his best friend Silas who also where in the play. His job was to facetime you when they got in the dressing room, then give the phone to you. Then it was all up to you.

You barely made it to your seat before the play started. During the whole play, you just sat smiling like crazy at your boyfriend who thought you were on the other side of the earth. He danced, sang and did what he loved the most! To you who have seen Hairspray he played Link Larkin, one of the lead roles. Because he played Link he had to dance quite sexy and you have to admit that your cheeks may have gotten a little red a couple of times during the play. To you who haven't seen "Hairspray" GO SEE IT FOR GODS SAKE!!!😱 It's a fantastic movie/musical/theatreplay!!!!

After the play you rushed outside hoping no one will recognise you. Luckily no one did! You went outside the theatre a walked a little away from the crowd, you couldn't get inside cause of the security. You decided to stand in front of a normal bush so he wouldn't get suspicious. You stood there for about 30 seconds, before Silas called you! As soon as you answered he asked "are you ready, i'm gonna film as soon as he get's the phone" "great, i'm as ready as i'm ever gonna be" "good" 

It got a little blurry before you heard Silas "Johannes! I have someone on the phone who wants to talk to you" You heard him say "Okay" with a bit confusion in his voice. 

"Hey honey" Now he looked really confused "Hey? Why are you calling on Silas' phone" "You didn't answer" "Weird i was just writing to you, i haven't received any calls. But of course something with the p could have gone wrong" "yeah" All of sudden he seemed to wake up a little starting to get excited. "But babe you have to hear this, you called just the right time, it was amazing we just came out of the stage from the premier....." He talked like a waterfall, until you talked😂 

"Babe, babe i know, actually i saw it all with my own eyes" He looked at you with confusion written in his face. "Why, how..." Just then you turned around so he could see where you were. "WHAT!" "Then it all got blurry again. You knew which door he would come out of if he took the fastest way. The front door. So you stood there in the middle of Tivoli totally alone for about 20 seconds, before he came out. 

He ran as fast as he could, and you opened your arms. That smiling face, it melted your heart. His body bursted into yours and he immediately wrapped his arms around your body. He bend his knees to lift you up. You wrapped your legs around his torso and he buried his face in the crock of your neck. You felt the tears running down your cheeks but this time it was tears of happiness😭

About 30 seconds later he put you down and looked in to your eyes. He didn't say anything, it wasn't necessary at all. The tears running down on both of your faces was more than enough. His hands intertwined with yours, and your felt your heart beating faster than ever.

Then it happened.

He kissed you. So gentle, still with so much passion an hunger. You started making out. But not like normally "making out". Still extremely gentle and slow. No tongue, but full of love. His hands slowly travelled down from your hands to your back, and your hand made their way to his cheeks. He pulled you further into his chest if that was even possible. You smiled and chuckled a little which made him do the same. After you kissed a little more, you just stood looking into each others eyes. 

He smiled like crazy wiping your tears away. First then you started to hear everything around you. All the people whistling and screaming stuff like "get a room" or "someones got week in his knees". That only made you throw you head back looking up at the blue sky laughing. He quickly hugged you while whispering "come with me up?" "Gladly", you said while smiling looking into his eyes. 

You walked away hand in hand, him leading the way trying to get past the many people in Tivoli👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

All that happened here: 

Up in the dressing room everyone quickly said hi and wanted to talk to you hearing about the tour and everything, but they never got to that point, cause you had Johannes pulling your hand hugging you from behind or just surprisingly kissing your cheek. When you got to the last one, Silas, you let go of Johannes hand, giving him a big hug. You had known Silas for almost three years now, and you two had become quite good friends. You just stood there hugging, you saying thank you, him saying of course. You pulled out talking for about 2 minutes before Johannes came up to you with your jacket and your purse. "Yeah, yeah talk talk you two can talk another time, i wanna have some alone time with MY girlfriend" He said while chuckling. "Someone horny" Silas said. You slapped his arm. "oh sorry we have two horny people, no come give me a hug" You gave him a hug and Johannes did to. 

He walked to the door and shouted "See you guys tomorrow for the next show" "Everyone said goodbye, but Silas being cheeky as always shouted "Try not to swallow her, when you kiss her". Johannes just shouted "don't worry, i can't she's to hot, i'm gonna burn myself😍

This is Johannes Nymark: 

In real life Joahnnes is a famous actress but only in Denmark, i don't think he have been in any movies but he has been in quite a few musicals, like hairspray which i have been in Tivoli to see. 

Johannes has also been in the Denmark Melodi Grandprix and he actually won so if anyone in Europe is gonna see the Eurovison Song Contest 2016, PLEASE notice Denmarks song "Soldiers of love", and if you like it VOTE!!!


He is soooo hot and cute, BUT he can't dance 

Johannes Nymark is actually gay, his married with Silas Holst. Silas is also one of my favorite actresses. Together with Silas best friend Louise they have their little girl Maddy



Written: May 3rd 

A/N: I wrote this after i saw the musical Hairspray in Tivoli with Johannes as Link Larkin (one of the leadroles). It was really weird cause i've known Johannes Nymark (not personally) for a really long time, and you've seen him many times in TV and so. He was even in the Denmark version of "Dancing with the stars" (on Danish it's "Vild med dans)
But the whole point is that i never found him atractrive at all! I DO NOW, but still it's weird. 
Something just clicked😘😘😘




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