Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


21. Grocery Shopping


Imagine going grocery shopping with your parents on a saturday afternoon late in summer. Ealier that day you held your birthdayparty for your closest girlfriends, even though it wasn't your birthday before tomorrow, but it was only a brunch-party and tomorrow came the whole family! At this party you wore a cute little tight grey dress with long sleeves. You were not skinny, but not fat either. Just a good in-between! So this tight dress were a dream for every man in the world...

You really weren't a person to show off ANYTHING or showing to much at all, so you felt a little uncomfotable wearing this dress in town, but as the thought of it being saturday night you didn't think you would meet anyone... You were sooo wrong! 

You stood looking at some apples when two huge hands covered your eyes. "Guess who?" Someone whispered in your ear and you realised it was your crush Ivan🙈 

He hugged you very tightly and burried his face in your neck, talking in your scent he was secretly in love with. Your parents got a huge grin on their faces cause of their endless atempts to get me to say i liked him❤
You stood talking for a while before your parents called after you and you said your goodbyes. 

Next morning you woke up to a message:
Hey beaty 
Hope you slept well and you have a great day! Some people might not have the courage to tell you things about yourself. I'm not one of those people! I think you're the most amazing girl i've ever met and you should be proud of who you are! I'm honered to have a friend like you❤
Ivan xx

Just a few months after you were a couple and he had told you that that day he had gotten the biggest boner he had ever had seing you in that dress.....

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