Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


16. Easter lunch🍀

It was easter-time and the weather was absolutely fantastic! You were blissful and happier than ever. It may have something to do with the fact that it was also your first time bringing your boyfriend to your grandparents place. They met him at other less formal occasions, and they really liked him, so even though you hadn't been together for a long period of time they asked you to invite him. You were so newly in love that others would throw up. Not because of you kissing all the time, cause you actually weren't, but he would always touch you and make sure you were alright. He would make you laugh every other second and you were just a better person around him! 

You went out with your much younger siblings to play football in the garden and after a few minutes he came out to join.

"Hiiii" he said making eye contact with you. You started laughing of happiness. He wrapped his hands around your waist and pulled you closer. 

"Are you loosing the game?" 

"No of course not!" 

"Then i must go on the other team.."

He kissed you and then ran out to help your brothers team win. When you first started playing you almost forgot you were in love. You played until your cheeks were more red than tomatoes and your hair looked like you had an electric-episode.


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