Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


9. Christopher - Cute Pics from Insta #2

These pictures is all from the same magazine. The danish version of Euro Women wanted to make a huge section of you to just after you 2 anniversary. You of course said yes and shot these pictures. In the interview ou answer questions about how you manage time, how you met and what your future plans are!


And this is from the documentary there was made just about Christopher. In this clip he explains how you met! 

And then last in the kiss he kissed you.....



This is from the same documentary where you are with Christopher to a release party of his new album. You are that kind of person, who is so easy to talk with that everybody does it. So in this clip he is coming in the room seing you talking to his manager "see!" he looks at the camera man "You now how hard it is getting her home when she has to mingle with every person in the world" Then he kisses you and litteraly drags you away from his manager/best friend❤️


This is basically every front page on every magazine just after you to were spottet having dinner some place with some friends! It was quite difficult cause Christopher was really famous but he never had a girlfriend, so whenever the paps got a chance they took it, and there wasn't many of those! But you two where friends for halv a year and a flirting un official couple for half a year before he got the guts to kiss you under a mistletoe at christmas, which is why you always laugh at Justin Biebers song "Mistletoe" even though non of you like him at all😂

This was just the picture which was floating around everywhere on the internet! Sometimes even with the hashtag #kissherforgodssake😍


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