Romantic Stories/Imagines

Just a bunch of romantic stories or imagines, written by a 14 year old girl who just want a boyfriend like every other girl in this weird world❤️


4. At Granny's





Past story:

Look at chapter 3: Christopher - The way we met❤️

Now you two had been a officially couple for almost two years, but your grandma hasn't met him yet. She lived quite far away, and you two really couldn't find time to them to meet. Actually you all quite forgot, but when he heard you were going to visit, he cancelled some of his plans. You asked if the management was okay with that, but he just said "I'm your boyfriend of almost 2 years, and I haven't met your grandma yet. Yeah I know that we always have a lot to do but family is more important"

So a normal weekend your mom, your dad, you and you boyfriend Christopher drove the four-hour drive to your grandma.

At this time Christopher has just released his second album and it went straight to number one. I think that shows how famous he is quite well.


You got out of the car and started walking to your grandma's little house, when you felt his fingers intertwining with yours. You knew he was quite nervous but you weren't. You knew she would love him. So you opened the door gave your grandma a big hug and went further inside. Christopher gave her his hand saying "Christopher, nice to finally meet you", but grandma wasn't that shy😂

"Yeah, yeah I know who you are come here and give me a hug" she said and you could slowly see the relief form in his face. Your mom stood behind him laughing and to be honest you wanted to do the same.

You ate some good food and as the night went by, Christopher got more and more comfortable. After you ate, your mom and Christopher went to the living room while you and your grandma went to the kitchen to make some tea.

As soon as you entered the kitchen your grandma started talking! "So Emma he seems like a really lovely guy" "Thanks" Your grandma laughs "look at that smile, you two look like you're newly in love" "Thanks" you said laughing a little❤️

You took the tray and started walking out of the kitchen when your grandma called you back "Emma" "yeah" you said turning around. "I almost forgot, I have something I need to show you. Please follow me" "Alright"☺️

You followed you're grandma down the hall to her bedroom. She walked across the room to the shelving unit, and she took a big folder out. "Do you remember the sweet man from the grocery store" "Of course, he always gave me an ice cream for free! How could I not remember him😂" Your grandma laughs "Yeah I remember that" She says with a big smile. "But anyway he always keeps every single magazine you or Christopher are in for me" "And that's quite a lot of magazines to keep in my little home, so i made this for you instead". She handed you the folder.

Inside were every single page from every single magazine you two were in. You were really impressed. She must have collected these for a really long time. Cause the first press cutting was really old. "How long have you collected these?" You asked your grandma. "As you can see since you two got together" "Why haven't you showed me this earlier?" "Pictures is one thing, it is taking with a camera not a person. You can't trust pictures. I needed to see you two together in person first" "Thank you so much! This is amazing" "I'm glad you liked it" "I don't like it, I LOVE IT"💋

"Then I'm going to continue doing this, I actually quite enjoy it"😂

"I would love if you would do that! I love you grandma"

"I love you too"

You hugged her, before you two went back to the kitchen. You made some new tea cause the other was already cold. You took the tray for the second time and walked into the living room. As soon as you walked past the door you heard the cutest laugh in the world. Christopher's. You had heard that laugh a million times before nevertheless you immediately felt the butterflies in your stomach go crazy.

He sat in your grandpa's (who's dead) old chair, while your mom and grandma sat in the couch. You sat the tray down and gave everyone a cup of tea before you looked around for a place to sit. Christopher saw the chance to get a cuddle so he clapped he his thighs as a signal for me to come over. So you did, you got a blanket and sat down on top of him getting comfortable.

The rest of the night you two cuddled, while watching the movie you've found. Every ten seconds he would kiss your neck or your cheek and he was constantly caressing my shoulder and my arms or playing with my hair. You two were to be honest the cutest couple ever!!!

Next morning:

You wake up hearing the sound of someone making breakfast in the kitchen. Then you realise where you are. In the living room! You've must have fallen a sleep last night cause you lay/sit the exact same way as yesterday:

This picture was taken by your mom, a couple of hours before you two wake up!


Please notice that this isn't Christopher.

  This is Christopher:  

If you want to check him out look at chapter 3😜


Back to the story:

You two had an amazing weekend together with your grandma. You looked at old embarrassing pictures of you, played board games and just had fun!

A/N: I wrote this at my Granny's actually, just after Christopher's new album was released💗



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