To Be ...or Not

Alex Wolff is experiencing vivid hallucinations* about the girl of his dreams, Babs Blackwell.

Will he eventually get over it? Or will he have to profess his love to his oldest friend?

*Otherwise called daydreams

Cover is completely mine... I worked like 20 minutes on it... I know... I have no life and too many feels....

Rated Yellow cos it's borderline


1. part 1

Alex and Babs got on the bus to head down town. The bus wasn't really busy but still, Babs refused to sit. She stood holding on to one of the poles as the bus bumped down the road. Alex smiled at her.

Suddenly the bus bumped and she fell into his lap. He looked at her and with a smirk he kissed her deeply.

'Oh Alex.' She whispered softly.

"Oh Alex?" He heard. She wasn't whispering anymore and her voice sounded far off. It got louder every time she said it, "Alex." She laughed.

He was suddenly thrown back into reality. She didn't fall into his lap. He wasn't devilishly charming, nor did he kiss her like he recently had the strong urge to.

He didn't know what was going on with himself anymore. The girl he thought he liked he had little to no interest for now, even though he has a long awaited date with her, and the girl he never in a million years thought he'd have romantic attraction to he can't resist. Just being around Babs drove him crazy.

"Babs?" He asked as they walked down the road towards the suit shop.

"Al?" She asked turning around to face him. He stared for a second, "What is it?" She asked. He snapped his gaze from her.

"Nothing, I was just wondering why you were helping me when you don't even like the girl?" He chuckled.

"Because, silly, I like you and I wanna help you make a good impression! You shouldn't care whether other people like the girl you like unless it's some horny teen that wants to steal her from you." She laughed.

"But what if it isn't her I wanna impress?" He asked. Babs stopped walking and faced him.

"Well, if it isn't her, then who?" He took the two steps needed to have her close to him. He looked down into her eyes and sighed.

"Maybe it's you." He said in a low whisper. She softly kissed his lips and smiled.

"Maybe it's you too." She said in reply. They smiled at each other and kissed passionately.

"ALEX." She snapped in front of his face, "You are seriously starting to worry me with your zoning out. Channel in."

"That's the problem. I don't think I want to channel in." Alex mumbled and rubbed his face.

"Oh my God." She said. He froze.

"What?" He asked. She walked up to him and grabbed his hand.

"Your hand is the most beautiful hand I have ever seen. Why didn't I notice this before?" She asked. He laughed.

"I don't know!" He said, "I've only had these hands for-" he paused and acted like he was counting on his fingers, "18 years." She laughed and punched his shoulder.

"Ok, come on Handy Many, the place is just up here!" She pulled him down the road the last little ways and they walked inside the building.

When they walked inside Alex was immediately blind. His eyes had never had to adjust to something so bright. He was pulled to the side and then forward by who he assumed to be Babs.

When he could finally see he could tell that the thing that blinded him was a suit covered completely in sequins, glitter, and the occasional lightbulb with the light intensity of the sun.

"You alright?" She asked, "I'm sorry, I should've warned you." Alex nodded.

"Yeah, you should've. But I'm alright. The contacts I have in support crying due to blindness." She laughed. Alex sighed.

"JOE!" Babs suddenly yelled.

"Ooh, blind and def, this is a fun trip already." He said sarcastically. She laughed again.

"Ya know, you're really funny." She said in a seductive voice.

"Really? What gave you that idea?" He asked. She smiled and sat down on his lap and faced him. She ran her hands through his hair and kissed his face.

"Oh, Alex, why don't you kiss me? I know you want to." She said in between kisses.

"Because you want me to. The real Babs doesn't know about these feelings. Nor do I think she reciprocates them." And it all faded away.

"Hello you two, today I've got a big client coming in at about three. So you will be helped by Sebastian." Babs laughed, "And no hanky-panky either." Joe joked.

The problem with Alex and Babs getting together isn't because he's scared of losing her. Or because he doesn't want to cancel this date. It was because of Sebastian.

"Barbra!" He said as they entered the back room, "How are you today?" He asked embracing her and kissing her face in numerous places. She giggled.

Sebastian wasn't a bad guy. That was the problem. He was good for Babs, better than Alex would be for her.

Sebastian was a tall strong guy with green eyes and, as Babs liked to put it, muscles the size of Montana. He wasn't mean to anyone, he didn't pick fights, or cheat on Babs. He was a home run for the girl. Or for any girl really.

"So, how can I help you two this fine afternoon?" He asked. Babs explained how they were there to get a suit for Alex's date on Friday. Sebastian nodded.

"Got it. Curly has a date and he needs a suit nice enough to wow the folks on Good Morning New York." Sebastian chuckled to himself.

"Actually, no, better than that cos I've already wowed them with a suit." Sebastian laughed.

"Have you really?" He asked, "Interviewing for a job? Or what?" Alex sighed.

"No, I was actually the guest celebrity one morning." Sebastian laughed.

"You were right Babs, he is funny." Alex was about to start talking again when Babs interjected.

"So can you make the suit or not?" She asked. Sebastian nodded.

"But I gotta get his measurements." Alex hated get measured. It was a major invasion of space.

"Alright, what's your preference? Down to up, or vice versa?" Sebastian asked. Alex looked at the guy.

"Up to down is the normal thing to do, but I mean, you wanna go the opposite I don't care." But the truth was Alex did care and he didn't like men that close to him. Once Sebastian was done he left the show room to put his measurements down permanently.

Babs walked up to Alex. She pulled him foreword by his belt loops and pushed him back into a chair. She straddled his lap again and began kissing him roughly.

"I want you. Not Sebastian. Why can't you see that? I've been staring at you this whole time. Just pay attention and you'll see."

"ENOUGH." Alex yelled causing Babs to jump from across the show room floor. He found that he was in fact sitting in the chair his daydream had pushed him into.

"You ok?" She asked. Alex shook his head and put his face in his hands.

"No, I need to go for a walk. Here's my money for the suit if he manages to either whip one up out of nowhere, or has one my exact size." He left the money on the table next to himself and walked to the door without another look towards Babs.

As he walked he kept thinking about her and about how painful his feelings were. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her. Nothing more. Just kiss her. By the end of his walk he felt more lost than ever even though he was back at the suit shop and he knew his exact geographical location.

He looked in the window and saw Babs crying on Sebastian's shoulder. Alex immediately thought it was because of his yelling, or storming out. He immediately felt like a dick. He stepped inside, careful to not look at the sunlightbulbs, and looked around for Babs and Sebastian. But he came up empty.

Alex looked around and went into the dressing rooms. There they were. Having sex right in the middle of the floor. Alex sighed and tried to leave without them noticing. But she stopped him.

When Alex realized he was daydreaming again he felt a real tear fall from his eye. He sighed and wiped off his face. He looked around the building and there was no sign of them. He turned around and saw them on the bench across the street. He walked out towards the door but froze when he saw them making out on the bench. He couldn't approach them when they were like that. It would be awkward.

Alex found himself at the door to the shop. He seemed to be studying the curly letters spelling 'out' on the door. He glanced up and Babs was alone on the bench. By this point he was starting to doubt his own sanity.

But there she was. She was watching the sun set against the buildings and it appeared she had been crying. Alex took a deep breath.

He had to make it to her, if that was in fact the real her. He took a step forward and opened the door. Babs was still there looking as lost as he felt. He kept his eyes on her and ran towards her. He ran around the cars that were stopped at the light and he made it to the bench. He sat down next to Babs.

"Babs?" He asked. She looked over at him and cracked a sad smile.

"Hi, Al." She said sniffling, "Where'd you run off to?" She asked.

"Just around the block. But I have to tell you something." He turned to face her.

"Wait, but Sebastian-" Alex cut her off.

"Screw Sebastian." He whispered and wrapped an arm around her.

"I did." She said sadly, "Then we were fine and the relationship was doing well but then out of no where he broke up with me." Her lip quivered, "I honestly thought he wanted more than sex from me, but I was clearly wrong." She said sitting up straight and taking a deep breath, "But that's the past now, I can't dwell on it." She sighed, "But he was a really great guy and I've lost him." Alex put his hands in his lap and sighed.

"Yeah, well love sucks. I mean, for example, you chase after one girl for a long time and when she finally gives you what you wanted, being a date, you suddenly don't care anymore and all you can think about is the girl you thought of like a sister." Alex blurted before he could think about it, "Wait a second, is he still gonna make my suit?" She laughed.

"We haven't paid him yet, but I know a place dirt cheep as opposed to this ruddy operation." She said with a smile.

"Let's go tomorrow then. Cos I'm starving." Alex laughed. She nodded.

"Alright, it's a date."

Hi guys! I had feels and no way to control them. Yeah, comment and vote and shiiiiizzzz


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