"Good girls do what their daddy says my pretty Lolita",he said tugging on my underwear.
"But that's not even my name Harry"


1. Underneath Your Dress

Olivia P.O.V.

I applied the last coat of lipstick before grabbing my purse and heading outside. 

Tonight Louis has set up a blind date for me. And though I was a little resistant to the idea at first, I decided to go because it would be fun. But thinking about all the other dates that Louis has set up for me, I start to feel a little nervous. All of them have been disasters except one, and he only on went a date with me to get over his ex who he eventually got back with.

I rub my hands together and try to keep warm in the chilly London air. Then I'm blinded by bright blue headlights. When I'm able to regain my vision, I see a matte black Range Rover. Wow, Louis really knows how to pick them. 

A man steps out, and his long chocolate curls blow in the wind. He was at least 6 feet no doubt. His jawline looked sharper than a blade, but the best thing was his beautiful green eyes. God where has he been all my life. 

"Hi love, I'm Harry." he said, his thick accent apparent. 

I tried not to fan girl over his looks and let out a pitched 'hello'. 

He smiles and takes my hand. 

"And your name?"

"Olivia. Olivia Knight," I mumbled at the ground. 

He chuckled. It sounded like the most beautiful sound in the world for some reason. 

"Well nice to meet you. I've heard some amazing things about you from your friend,"he smiled. 

His teeth were brighter than my future and more perfect than me. 

"I hope they were all good"

He nods and I shiver from the cold. He notices and takes off his trench coat for me. He wraps it around my shoulders and I'm instantly warmer. It smelled like the men's section at Sephora. 

"Are you ready?" he asked.

I gave him a smile and he walked me to the car. Once he was in, I turned on the radio. Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' blasted through. 

"Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I'm missing more than your body." the radio sang.

"Yes it is,"he said and turned it to a different station. 

"Hey come on, how can you not like Justin Bieber,"I said and turned it back.

He formed a cute pout on his lips. 

"Because he's not that great of a singer, and I'd rather listen to anything else"

"Oh, so country?" I taunted.

He gave me a cute face trying to hide his smile. He shook his head and focused back on the road. 

He drove for about ten more minutes before we finally arrived at a nice looking restaurant. He let me out and grabbed my hand. I couldn't help but notice how much bigger his hand was compared to mine. His long slender fingers wrapped around mine and practically engulfed them. And I started to remember what Louis said about guys with large hands. 

Those with large hands have large hot dogs. 

The thought made me laugh and he looked at me with curious eyes. 

"What?" he laughed. 

"Nothing,"I laughed shaking my head. 

He smiled and we headed to the reservation desk. 

"What name are you under?" the old woman asked. 

"We're under Styles," he said calmly as if he'd said it a million times. 

"Well right this way," she said. 

She guided all the way to the back until we reached a black door. 

"You wished for a private area, and you shall have it," she beamed and opened the door. 

The room was pitch black except the white candles hanging on the chandelier. 

"Harry, you didn't have to do this. It looks so expensive."

"Um, we're good. Thank you," he said and the woman left.

He pulled me to the table and pulled out the chair for me. 

When he sat down, he began to pass out the food onto my plate.  Once he was done I dug in. 

"No really Harry, this is too much."

"Well I want the best for my Lolita,"he smiled. 

Huh? Who's Lolita? I hoped he wasn't some hot crazy guy. 

"Um, who's Lolita?"

This made him laugh. 


He placed his hand on my lap and rubbed small circles. 

I ignored it and continued to eat my steak. I was taking a sip of my wine when he started to inch closer up my dress. 

"Harry look..." I tried to divert him.

"Good girls do what their Daddy tells them, my little Lolita," he said tugging on my underwear. 

"But Harry, that's not even my name." I told him confused.

He ignored my words and slid a slender finger inside. 

The contact made me let out a low moan. 

'Do you like it when Daddy touches you?" he smirked

The question made me sick but God was he doing a good job. His slender fingers could work magic. 

"Do you?" he said pushing them in deeper and harder.

"Y-y-yes"I stuttered. 

"Yes what?" he pushed

"Y-yes Daddy" I answered while breathing heavily.

He smirked and pulled out his fingers and pulled me onto his lap.

I guessed this is why he wanted a private room away from the other people. 

He lifted me up and removed my underwear. I could now feel his hard on. 

"Fuck," he mumbled trying to unbuckle his belt. 

I laughed and helped him with it. Once it was done he pulled them down enough to remove his member. I couldn't help but bite my lip at the sinful sight. 

He noticeed and smiled. 

"Come on and ride Daddy,"He smirked. 

I knew I was going to hell for this, but why not ride my way there?



Well there it is...God Bless You All ;)


(Hi there guys, it's Willow. Im the editor for this story! Hope you enjoyed the 1st chapter and keep reading! <3)





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