"Good girls do what their daddy says my pretty Lolita",he said tugging on my underwear.
"But that's not even my name Harry"


15. Planning the Big Day Pt.2

Olivia P.O.V. 

I clench the end of the counter and bite my lip. 

"Now, I want you to count, Livy. If you don't, I'll add three more and they'll be even harder okay?"

I nod and clench my fist. 

"Answer Daddy, Olivia."

"Y-yes Daddy," I breath. 

He rubs my exposed skin and then gives it a smack.








The smacks are getting harder and harder and my bum is hurting and-


"What?" I ask

"I have given you two smacks, and you have not counted either, and that means six more baby." Harry smirks.

"Harry," I turn around and pout. 

He rubs a hand down my face. 

"Alright, but get on the counter," he instructs. 

I smile and hop up. The cold marble freezes my exposed skin. He opens my legs and rubs my thighs. 

"So, how about after today we start the no sex rule?" he asks with a smirk

I roll my eyes and wrap my eyes around his neck. 

"Just do it before I change my mind." I tell him.

He smiles and gets on his knees. He presses his tongue against my entrance and applies pressure. I arch my back and grip the counter. 

He gives me quick cat licks and adds a finger. 

"H-Harry." I moan.

"That's not my name, babe," he whispers, blowing his cool breath on my core. 

He pumps his slender fingers faster and reaches up and grabs my chest with the other hand. 

"D-d-" I try to say.

"Don't stutter Olivia. Say it or I'll stop." he says, annoyed.

He puts his tongue in and follows the rhythm of his fingers. I feel my self tighten and I know I'm close. 

"Say it baby girl." he says, gruffily.

"D-d-" I try once more.

"Olivia I told you don't stutter." he practicly yells.

His fingers hit my g-spot and I lose it. My body jerks forward and my eyes roll back. 

"Daddy!" I scream.

"There you go baby," He smiles, rubbing my thighs. 

"So, this is what you two do when we're not here, yea?" I hear the voice speak. 


Lolita is almost at 7K just 66 more reads and we're there. I'm so excited! I would love to thank you all for reading this and sharing. Also, Texting Bieber coming close to 6K, and Company is right behind it. So go read them along with my new story 'Hold the Throne', it's a fantasy so if you don't like stuff like that then you don't have to read. And lastly my Cover Store is still open for new covers. Thanks for reading!


Love Blue and Willow 

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