"Good girls do what their daddy says my pretty Lolita",he said tugging on my underwear.
"But that's not even my name Harry"


3. New Places and New Friends

Olivia P.O.V. 

After Harry leaves for work, I decide it's time to go see Louis and give him the news. Harry told me I could pick any car I wanted from the garage, and boy did I have options. He has another Range Rover along with an Audi R8, a Ferrari, a Porsche, an Aston Martin, and a BMW. It's an impressive set of cars if you ask me, and I've always wanted a Aston Martin. I decide on the Aston and grab the keys from the house. 

The feeling is amazing. I have the windows down and the wind is blowing in my hair. I feel like one of those car models. I even got a few honks from other drivers in approval. 

When I pull up to the apartment complex and I see Louis standing outside with some guy, I sigh knowing Louis is probably hitting on the poor boy. I honk the horn and stick my hand out. He looks and says something to the guy. The guy nods and leaves to go back to his apartment. 

"Who'd you fuck to get this?" he says rubbing the car door. 

"It's not mine, it's Harry's. Now get in." I tell him.

He smiles stupidly and gets in. 

"Wow. Authentic leather seats," he whispers touching the seats.

I roll my eyes and back out of the complex to the main road. 

He turns on the radio and 'Into You' by Ariana Grande comes on. 

"So baby come light me up. And baby I'll let you on it," he yells at the top of his lungs. 

I ignore him and pull into 'London Luxury Condos'. Just from the outside the condos look lavish. Most of them have pools in the back. And the others have pretty flower bushes in the front. 

"Um, why are we here?" Louis asks and looks around.

"You're picking out a new place to live, my little Louis,"I smile. 

"Neither of us can even afford a first month's rent here,  so how did you get the money?" He asks with a raised bushy eyebrow. 

"Harry and I are getting married, and I wanted you to live with us but he said no. So I convinced him to get you condo to make me happy." I explain.

"So he's willing to pay $1200 a month? Just to keep you happy?"

I nod and he laughs and rolls his eyes. 

I park the car and we get out. 

"Alright, which one do you like the best, Lou?" I ask.

"I wanna look around. You can't judge from the outside can you?" 

I groan but follow him up the steps. 

"Well, Harry said the numbers 929 through 940 are available, but please don't be long. I'm kinda hungry."

"What? Is it from all that sex?" he teases. 

I punch his arm and walk to number 929. 

I open the door and Im amazed at the place. At the far wall, there is a floor to ceiling window. It has a great view of the rest of the other condos and some of downtown London. 

"I'll take this one,"he smiles widely. 

"What about the other ones?"

"The other ones don't have a great view of him." He says and looks out the window once more.

I turn to where he's pointing and there's a guy shirtless, swimming in his pool. He gets out to get a towel and he sees us. He smiles and waves. We give him one back and he goes back into his house. 

"See why I want this one?" He turns back to me.

"But what if he's not even gay?" I ask him.

"Then I'll make him gay, Livy. It's that simple," he says matter of factually. 

I roll my eyes and call Harry.

I have to call him three times before he answers.

"What?!" he yells in my ear.

The tone of voice scares me and I hang up.

What the hell was his problem?

"What happened?" Louis asks me concerned.

"Nothing. Let's go and get something to eat."

He gave me a worried look but followed. 

~at the restaurant~

"I'll take chips with a side of ketchup and just plain order of chips and a cheeseburger"I tell to the guy behind the counter. 

"Alright that'll be $13.90 and your food should be out soon."

I hand him the money and go sit next to Lou at our table.   

"Hey, look at that Vogue model over there!" Lou gushes, pointing to a tall guy sitting by himself. 

"I thought you were in love with the David Beckham look-a-like back at the condo?"

"Of course I am. This one is for you."

"But I told you! Harry and I are getting married, Lou,"

"I'm pretty sure Harry was just in the moment, now go sit by him or someone else will."

What if Lou is right? What if Harry is just fucking with me and we're not really getting married? Well, then I need a backup plan. I just hope this guy isn't weird or anything. 

I get up and walk to the table and sit. The guy looks up with surprise. He's chocolate eyes melt my heart and I just wanna hold him. 

"Not to be rude, but why are you sitting here?"

"I thought you were lonely. Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude."

I'm about to get up when he grabs my hand. 

"No, I'm sorry please stay,"he says, his beautiful voice soft. 

I smile and sit back down. 

"Want me to get you something to eat?"

I thought about my cheeseburger, but I'm pretty sure Lou is gonna eat it. 

"Um, yeah thanks."

He gives me a picture perfect smile an gets up to go to Panda Express. 


Btw, I'm starting a new version of this Lolita...

The girl name is Lana and she'll be 14 and Justin (Bieber) will be 30.

And yes that's a big age gap but if you're not comfortable with it don't read it.  

Hopefully I get to edit that one too! Hope you guys enjoyed! :) 


Blue & Willow.





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