"Good girls do what their daddy says my pretty Lolita",he said tugging on my underwear.
"But that's not even my name Harry"


13. Little White Lies


Harry P.O.V. 

When I get up, my phone reads 10:32 am. I was late for work by 3 hours.

Well, fuck it. That Larry guy is probably gonna fire me now. I thought.

"Hey Scar," I say and shake her. 


"Would you hire me back?"

"Sure. You can start tomorrow, now leave me alone," she mutters and falls back to sleep. 

Guess that gives me the day off. I know I have to go home sooner or later, but I don't want to see that fucker with Olivia. Despite my position, I get out of bed and put my clothes back on. I'm Harry Edward Styles, second generation millionaire (almost billionaire) and I'm going to my own home just because some wanna-be Di Vinci is trying to fuck my soon-to-be wife.

-At The House-

I open the door and find art equipment in the living room, but no Zayn or Olivia. I'm just glad the paint didn't get on the floor or furniture. I make my way upstairs and into our room. I'm confused at the sight. I'm expecting Lana and Zayn to be tangled in each others arms, but instead I find three wine bottle with a half empty glass on the nightstand. Olivia is entangled in the sheets with her clothes on. So, obviously nothing happened between them. 

I shake her but she doesn't move. 

"Lana get up"

She finally stirs but doesn't open her eyes. 

"Liv, I swear to God if I have to drag you out of this bed, I will."

She huffs but raises up slowly. 

"Relax, I'm up. Now, can you go get me some Tylenol, Mr.HappyPants?" She mumbles. 

I give her a smile and head to the bathroom to get some pills. When I come back, she's crying. 

"Babe, what's wrong?"

"Me! I'm what's wrong," She cries. 

"And why are you wrong?" I ask.

"Because I was about to sleep with him, Harry, but I knew that wouldn't make me a good wife. That's all I want to be now," She sobs.

I bring her into my chest and rest my chin on her head. 

"All that matters is that you didn't, okay?" I tell her.

She looks up and nods. 

"Now, take this. It should help with the hangover,"

She swallows the pills and downs it with the rest of the wine in the glass. 

"Now let's get you cleaned, and we'll pretend nothing ever happened, okay?" I ask.

"Yeah," she gives me a sleepy smile and follows me into the bathroom. 

I turn the water on and start to undress her. As I do so, the memories from last night with Scarlet run through my mind. Looking at Olivia's body made me want to slap myself. Her body was perfectly curved, while Scarlet's was petite. I had everything a guy could want in a woman. 

"Alright, hop in," I tell her.

She gets in ,and the way the water runs over her body makes me want to taste her. 

I undress and hop in. She smiles and nuzzles her head in my neck. 

"I love you, Harry"

"I love you, Olivia."



Sorry if this was boring, but I needed to update on all of my stories. Hope your enjoying it!


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