Guide to Greenies

Want to train horses? Same.


3. Gentling.

     You want to be gentle with a green horse, force will NOT work. The horse is stronger than you are, and you will only move backward progress wise. Gentleness and patience are the only way to do this properly. Don't get frustrated, and never leave on a bad note. If you do leave on a bad note, a horse will remember that and they will think, "Oh I remember this, this is awful." And suddenly, your horse is refusing to work with you because he thinks you're out to get him. I know a horse like this, and he will not wear a halter because of it. (we did not create this issue, we are simply attempting to fix it) He is actually the cover of this book, His name is Shelby, he won't let most people near him if they have a halter in their hand. 

     What is a bad note? A bad note is anything that went wrong. Say you attempted to saddle a horse, and it started bucking as soon as it saw the saddle. Stopping now would be leaving on a bad note, instead, teach the horse that the saddle isn't such a bad thing, and choose not to push the horse into taking up. That is considered a good note, afterward, reward the horse for good behavior, instead of punishing the horse for bad behavior. 

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