Guide to Greenies

Want to train horses? Same.


1. Meeting a green horse.

     For those of you who didn't know, a green horse is a horse that is still learning to work with people and the saddle. A green horse is not wild, they just don't understand or have never worked with a saddle or cues. If you have a green horse, they most likely they come up to you and act like a tame horse around people. Like I said, they are not wild, just not "Broken" as people like to call it. When you "break" a horse it isn't actually breaking them, it is teaching them to react to cues like clicking, tapping with a crop, and/or squeezing with the leg. 

     When meeting a green horse you want them to come to you from the other side of the gate to make sure they are not going to charge or freak out if you go to them. Once they come to you, they are inviting you to see them and are telling you, "Hey, I am okay with you coming into my pen." Of course you want them to smell you and you want to approach cautiously, to ensure they truly are okay with you, if you have never met and they don't like the scent of maybe a cat or dog, or maybe another horse, they might freak out. So before just going into the pen when you see them approaching you but are not actually at the fence, you need to wait and allow them to know you and your scent. That really goes for all horses but when working with a green horse especially, At least until they know who you are. 


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