Wammy's house

Wammy's house. A home to gifted orphans who one day shall succeed the famous L.

~If you want to make and add a character then just ask~


1. ~Intro~

"Hey Near... You not coming outside to play with us...?"

The young girl took a questioning glance at the even younger boy, hunched over an almost plain white puzzle containing only the letter L in the left hand corner. He seemed immersed, wearing what looked like plain white pyjamas, and socks that complemented his soft looking white hair.

"No, thank you Linda." The albino replied in a calm and quiet voice, as he continued to piece together his puzzle in silence.

"Are you sure...? You're going to get a hunchback sitting like th-ow!" Linda huffed as a boy elbowed her ribs.

"Leave him, he's no fun." The boy muttered, before swiftly running outside, Linda gave the albino a last glance, before running after the other kids, leaving Near sat alone with his puzzle in a still silence.

But the silence didn't last long at all, the door was quickly opened and a taller and older looking boy walked in, followed shortly by an older looking man, who quickly headed to his desk.

"I swear Rodger, this better be good-"

"L is dead." Rodger stated gloomily, placing his hands on the desk formally.

The elder boy's face turned to horror, but the younger's stayed the same calm state as before.

"DEAD?! W-WHY?!" Screeched the elder boy, his chin length ginger hair flying at he slammed his hands onto the desk. Rodger stayed silent, and for a moment the only thing to be heard was the clacking noise as Near placed the final puzzle pieces together.

"Y...You mean he was killed by Kira?! Is that it?!"

"Most likely," Came the reply from Rodger.

"HE PROMISED THAT HE WOULD SEE KIRA DEAD!!! L was killed...?! Are you sure!?" The boy grabbed hold of Rodger's shoulders in a horrified state of panic.

"Mello..." The older man tried to calm him, but was cut off abruptly by the Near tipping out the whole puzzle onto the floor, the pieces breaking up and splaying across the rug.

"If you can't beat the game, if you can't solve the puzzle, you're nothing but a loser."


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