World beyound


1. World beyound

Concerning  this world , I  came to the gate full of agony. Where no soul is seen . Do we go to a place not assigned to us. Can  we do away with it. Are we save at this particular  time. All these questions have to be answered  when thinking of    end. It is a place of gone soul who were said to be known. There were  Seprations between these  unhappy people. They needed freedom but could not have it. A gate  is division of the upper layer. These people were in a confirmed rooms. How do we access this  Situations. Would they be kept in everlasting  place. The question is why is it so.They are in a world full of lifes not cover with water. Their planet is not known because they are beneath the earth where no one is allowed to mix up.  One need to ask  for certain things before it will be given. No freedom of movement. The soul in this particular place needed to be assisted for whatever they  do or need. Why are they not allowed to move like in normal universe.

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