Torn Apart

Me, expressing my feelings. I don't know if you can relate to all the stuff I'm talking about, but you might get most of it, and be able to still feel the emotion in the other poems, hopefully. I hope you like it, thinks for reading.

-Limited Wonders

(p.s. Not final cover) (A lot of this writing is not as good as it usually is, sorry XP )


5. Torn Apart

Torn Apart


I’m laying here

In one piece

But inside

There’s unending heat

The friction

Between all

My thoughts

The stress

With all

I’ve got

To deal with

And why

Must it be

This way

I can’t beleive

I’m supposed

To stay

Torn Apart

Between my thoughts

And alone

Always lying

My soul caught

Between the struggle

My heart, My mind

I don’t even know

Why I’m left behind

And I sit here

In my torture unending

Because my soul

Is the one

That is tending

To cause me this pain

My hurt and strife

All these problems

Are hurting my life

I’m torn between

My love and my purpose

I’m torn between

Where my home and my heart is

I need someone

But I’m all alone

And I don’t know how

How this is going to go

But I’ll always try

Because I’ll always know

That sometime, I hope

I’ll find someone to love

And instead just to mope

I’ll find my way out

Of my deep darkened hole

and, someday, I wish

I’ll be able to throw

Off these chains

that are pulling me


And the terrors

I have

Pulling me left and right

I’ll burn though

Our hands blasting

The light

Expelling the darkness

Lighting up my heart

And then I’ll no longer


Torn Apart.

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