Natasha's Anthology

This is a poetry anthology that was started in my Year Nine English Class.


14. A Narrative Poem

Getting My Lamb

After waiting two weeks to get my lamb

Tracey my aunt said,

'OK kids, lets go to get the lambs'



I'm so excited to get the lambs.

They are going to be so small.

I'm going to take care of him

like he is my own child.


'I'm going to call my lamb Pebbles' I said


All the kids giggle.


'That's a different name for a lamb' my cousin said.


We get to the farm and get out of the car.


I see eleven lambs standing in a small paddock

with long green grass.


'Baaaaa, Baaaa' is all I hear.


As i sit in the back of the car,

I feel so excited to start taking care of the lambs.

But I also feel the lambs nibbling on my hair.


'We now have eleven lambs' my aunt said

as we walk into the house.

'we should buy more' my cousin said.

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