Blue Moon (A Warriors Fanfic)

Riverclan cats are known among cats for those who sit in the lap of luxury. Good food almost all year round, no battles to worry about,no predators, plenty of time for sunbathing and playing. .. It's not a wonder that the other clans refer to them as 'pompous, plump and lazy.'

You could say that it's an unjust stereotype.

This is a book about the life and adventures of a cat who matches none of the criteria above. With the help of her troubled friend and two brothers, she helps an estranged, star-crossed leader, attends elementary school, serves as a spy, gains the favour of a wild Twoleg kit, forms a rebellion with a hamster, and basically ends up in every Code-breaking situation there is.

Who's being lazy now?


6. ■ The Reuniting Fourth Chapter ■


   Shellshine was understatedly worried. Her daughter was alone. With a male around her age. And absolutely no protection from predators or rival patrols whatsoever.
Oh, the joys of being the overprotective mother.

   She padded deftly after the patrol sent out to find the three kittens and the two apprentices. Her three kittens and her best friend's two apprentices. Oh, what a mess.

Eelstripe walked with a cold, grim expression next to her... no, not walked. He actually shouldered his way through some invisible undergrowth- those very nice shoulders worked forward with his paws. Thornkit had inherited the same gait...

   Thornkit! I'll not ever see you again, the confident face, the heavy fur, the kittish innocence! How are you supposed to know the difference between a kind stranger and a kit-stealer, you're so naïve... Rainkit, you made friends with the rogue and look where it got you, my little fuzz-apple, smoothshell- who knows where he could have taken you, kitten? ... Graykit, your tininess could get you stepped on and overpowered so easily and there'll be no sweet young mackerel next to me ever again..

   Shellshine inadvertently began to pray to Starclan as they walked on with no other sign of kit other than the scent trail. They had encountered no prints in the bank which meant either that they were still in the territory or had crossed through the stepping-stones rather than swam- at least there was a smaller chance  that they drowned.

   Thornkit,  I'll never reprimand you if you curse the head of the fish... Rainkit, I'll never bother you to  be friendly to Reedpaw...Graykit, I'll never make you sleep on the wet part of the moss...

   She daintily lifted her feet as they padded by the riverside, and carefully poked each tuft of vegetation and scanned the water one last time before they resorted to swimming across. She looked up at the towering Eelstripe for reassurance,  but he was still rigidly striding along and staring at whatever in front. She nudged him lightly, and he inched a bit closer so that they touched, but still looked firmly on ahead. (Eelstripe! NOTICE ME [MORE] SENPAIII!)

   Shellshine's paw sunk deeply into the mud, and when she extricated it there was a fair amount still clinging on. As there was no time for fastidious tendencies, it didn't much bother her to do anything more than wipe it- until she noticed that there was some space under the foot in the mud before she squashed it.
Shellshine squinted at the dirt, and recognized two track of paws that were too large be a kit's, but were the right size for  a couple of  apprentices. Reedpaw and his brother surely - and where ever they had gone, the trio was sure to follow!

   Eelstripe noticed that Shellshine had stopped and was standing with her legs akimbo, peering down at her left paw in the mud patch they were crossing. It wasn't an odd sight for a guy who's wife was more than a little bit weird, but it still  needed some questioning in his distraught state.
"Shellshine." It was actually a question, but Eelstripe's voice was really flat.
"I found it! I found something!  Tracks- a trail- paw marks!"

   Petalflame, who had not gone on ahead too far and thus heard, wheeled back with her tail quivering. "Do you think--"
"Apprentice- size!"
She quickly snapped to action, and wheeled around again towards the general direction of the rest of patrol. "Dusklight, Shadewater! We found Reedpaw's and possibly Thornkit's tracks!"

   "No, I think it's Reedpaw's brother, not Thornkit." Eelstripe immediately meowed in the same monotone.
Petalflame looked momentarily confused,but quickly covered it up as it wasn't good for a deputy to forget that sort of thing. "His brother would not go anywhere without the other, I'm guessing."
"I think he was named after an animal." Shellshine felt a small sliver of guilt through her mostly otherwise focused brain. What kind of a cat was she, not being able remember the name of someone in her clan? For goodness' sake, she even knew about Fawnstar's favourite type of moss( lichen that grows on understream rocks)! Nothing could escape the great Shellshine! "Possibly a mo- did you see that?"

"Mama! Mama!"

   Shellshine excitedly attempt to dolt forward, but her paw in the mud decided to be a stick in the mud and slipped out under her as she put pressure on it. She did a grade B+ bellyflop into the dirt and got very embarrassingly muddy - however, as her kits were standing there, she didn't give two cents about the situation and flopped back to her feet and fluffed out her fur, spattering dirt everywhere.
By the time that happened, Dusklight was already nuzzling her quietly dignified Reedpaw , who was carrying in sharp contrast a hissing, spitting, squirming Rainkit . He quietly lowered her to the ground, and as soon as he let go of her scruff she bolted for her mother and squeezed under her, ignoring the dirt plastered on her fur and wailing on about something- an eagle, Fawnstar, and 'neverneverneverneverneverneverevergoingbackevereverevereveragainstupidThunderclanarekiteaterswithlongfangsitssocreepyandthetreesweretryingtokillusandreedpawisanmousebrainedmothermilkedaddertoothihATEHIM'.

Shellshine quietly bore her complaints and stored away a great lecture for later, as all mother are wont to do- she had the feeling that they could listen to it properly (no kit ever listens to a lecture no matter what their state) when their eyes weren't bloodshot and tails not  dragging.
Graykit pushed his nose to her arm and Thornkit just sat quietly beside her, watching the floor passionlessly as Rainkit threaded under her belly with decreasing vigour.

Eelstripe picked up Graykit soundlessly. Shellshine's tail twitched when she peered at the underside of his paws- his pads were slightly swollen and marked with long scarlet stripes. She sniffed at them worriedly, leaned forward and murmured about Blazelight in his ear, and turned to atend to her other kits. She decided that Rainkit was the worse for wear and picked her up while Petalflame dutifully managed Thornkit. She gave a small grunt under his weight.

It was a relatively short walk to the camp considering the amount of ground they had covered in total in their search of the missing. They'd been found considerably close to home- near the stepping stones which they probably walked across, as you may (not) remember-  which the whole group was quite relieved to hear about. Their exhaustion had only opened up when the search was over.
Even Petalflame, who strove to be a good example covered up her signs of tiredness, sighed through Thornkit's fur as they padded in a line through the reeds and into the center of the camp.

It was all a blur after that. Shellshine's strength drained rapidly as  she stood near Fawnstar, who congratulated them, chided the kits and apprentices, and sent the latter off with a stern warning (and only then Shellshine realised that Reedpaw's mousy brother had magically appeared). She had then went to Graykit and licked his wounda before Blazelight dressed them and insisted that he sleep near his siblings.

Petalflame didn't even meticulously inspect her moss, just flopped down like a defeated trout and started snuffling. Shellshine had just recently returned to the warrior's den, as her kit's ceremony was only about three or so sunrises away.
She  curled up with her head on the ground and front paws splayed beside it close to Eelstripe who carefully arranged himself  next to Shellshine but sufficiently far away and flumped just like the deputy. His mate had rather wild dreams.

Shellshine wasn't stirable when Rainkit crawled out of the nursery after feigning sleep, and walked carefully up to Sparrowpaw who touched noses after a nervous pause, and slowly began to thread his story, as he had promised.




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