Blue Moon (A Warriors Fanfic)

Riverclan cats are known among cats for those who sit in the lap of luxury. Good food almost all year round, no battles to worry about,no predators, plenty of time for sunbathing and playing. .. It's not a wonder that the other clans refer to them as 'pompous, plump and lazy.'

You could say that it's an unjust stereotype.

This is a book about the life and adventures of a cat who matches none of the criteria above. With the help of her troubled friend and two brothers, she helps an estranged, star-crossed leader, attends elementary school, serves as a spy, gains the favour of a wild Twoleg kit, forms a rebellion with a hamster, and basically ends up in every Code-breaking situation there is.

Who's being lazy now?


3. ■ The Nice First Chapter ■


Rainkit was feeling snappy. It was her first apprentice ceremony- not her own, to the sadness of everybody, but Reedkit's.

Everybody either liked or was amused by Reedkit(except for herself and Graykit, her tiny brother)- nobody could ever ignore him when he paid a visit. He was a flashy ball of charm,fur and cunning. He used the right amount of cuteness and the nicest amount of shyness and the best amount of obedience and other sickening adjectives. Even Silverstep liked him. And Silverstep liked nobody, not even Rainkit.
Rainkit hated Reedkit.

Oh, there was also his brother. Sparrowkit. Nobody really noticed him- unlike his detestable brother, he was really quiet and just stuck to the shadows(or his mother) most of the time.

It would really funny if they forgot him, Rainkit thought and rolled over on her bed of springy moss. He wouldn't even be able to say anything and remind them because he's too shy. I went and I tried to talk to him but he just squeaked and ran away so fastly. He only squeaks and runs away so fastly from me. And Thornkit. But everybody squeaks and runs away fastly from Thornkit. He's so... so big....

She yawned- and napping Graykit had the liberty to roll over and stick her paw in her mouth.
She yelped as much as you can yelp with somebody's hand in your mouth and danced away, commanding sense into her suddenly awoken feet. They felt confusingly floppy and weird after being in the same position for so long, and Rainkit tumbled unwillingly onto her larger brother. Half tumbled- Thornkit broke her surely deathly fall and grumbled in his sleep. Hopefully his eyelids didn't actually flicker like his eyelids did right now.

She froze and waited... as Thornkit just cocked his paw a bit Rainkit got up and slid to her place in the moss. It required a lot of tamping down with her head and shuffling with the rest of her until it finally settled back into the curve of her body without having holes in it.

"Having a flop- fest, Slippy?"

She didn't bother to answer. (You don't need an answer to this voice. It's rather obvious.)

"Slippy...poor Slippy's been worn out with her worming . Quiet, little stupid head and don't flop like a trout... your personality is as dark as a thunder cloud..."

Fight Reedkit with Reedkit. "You know your mother just wants to smash in your snout," Rainkit replied, not bothering to turn over. Reedkit deserved no attention.

"Not bad... but as your mother's my mother too, that'll be rather painful to both of us," said Thornkit, from behind her. But Rainkit didn't need to see his face to read the mirth in his voice.
"I thought you were Reedkit?" (And you did too, reader. Hah.) Rainkit turned over to face him.
"Does he really say that kind of things to you?" Thornkit asked interestedly, turning over to face her.
"No. Maybe...yes." his sister replied." I shouldn't have said... he says I'm not supposed to say." To the average adult, this would be a confusing conversation. To the average sibling, this would be as confusing as not confusing at all. They tend to derive their own sort of language between them.
"And you just tell me now?"
" You were always at the other end of camp then when I wanted to. "

She reached out for his paw and yawned, thankfully without anything in her mouth. Thornkit also did the same, catching the yawning fever.
" Mom said that if you yawn enough, you'll fall asleep," yawned Rainkit.
"I'm still tired anyways. We could give it a.."-yawn-"..try."

Yawning after yawning,yawning after yawning after yawning, yawning after yawnong after yawning after yawning, and yawning and yawning and yawning yawning, yawning yawning yawning ,yawning yawning yawning yawning......

Rainpaw walked quietly with a squirrel. They were supposed to be going to the derelict Twoleg den where the solitary and majestic sparrow lived. "How much farther?" she asked.
"When you say please, you will get some fleas," It replied. Rainkit understood this as 'I'll teleport you there if you ask nicely.'
Don't ask how she knew... In your dreams the fictional book character you have a crush on wants to marry you. Anything can happen.

"Please?" she mewed politely, like a grownup talking to his stepmother in front of his wife. Except less fake.
"Fleas," the squirrel wolfed a nut and the crow sat on a random fence in front of the house.

Everything kind of... ballooned.
The thin-as-leaves trees on the side of the grassless dirt path she padded on blew out to form lilac hyper-realistic willows with stars entwined in the hanging branches. A small stream cooed in her ears as it swiftly flowed on it's path past her. Ivy grew fastly over the breaking den, which showed as much detail as the flora around. Even the shutters and broken boards which gaped like mouths and showed only dark space turned beautifully haunting.

The bird...
The sparrow sat on a fence with the whiteness all chipped like the house. Rainkit had magically teleported to in front of the house, and a snake flew gently over the grass made of fragile emerald. The creature grew longer and longer as it left the side of the house, not stretching but steadily growing as it waved towards her. It curled softly around Rainkit's neck, and purred as it rested it's head on her shoulder.

Rainkit was only staring at the bird on the fence. Usually, she doesn't like birds, as they were just feathers and bones and talked too much all the time and were only worth spooking to see the looks on their silly faces. This bird , however, looked as if it would pretty her to death if she tried.

It had a red strap of the flat, soft, limp things Twolegs wore and occasionally forgot about in the river around it's head. It was bigger and more heavy-looking than other sparrows. It's feathers had tiny stars on each one, and the wind rustled them attractively.
" Misery loves company, " it said in a voice that resembled the way her mother talked about her father's.

"... Wake up! It's Reedkit's ceremony! The one thing that you've been bothering us about all day!"


Rainkit grumbled a lot as she sat neatly at the entrance of the nursery next to her two brothers- she wasn't allowed to sit with the rest because she wasn't old enough to catch her own prey yet.
Graykit's eyes looked rather large in the head as he stared at the slender figure of Fawnstar sitting on a branch on the willow that's roots provide her den, almost perfectly shadowed by the sun. Unfortunately, that meant that the sun was right behind her and it was really hard to look without getting your eyes blinded out of your head.

"I don't think I'll ever get up there..." Graykit sighed tinily, seated between his bigger siblongs. Everything he did was done tinily- which is probably not even a word."I'm just so small. "

"Even dad was as small as you when he was little," Thornkit meowed swiftly.
Graykit brightened, and Rainkit curled her tail around both toms as much at it could stretch. Even though Graykit was smaller, he was still the exact same age as the other two kittens, which didn't stop them from getting very protective about him.

Rainkit wasn't thinking about that much. She absentmindedly stared at the kit on Fawnstar's den.
Misery loves company . What does that mean?

The chant of ' Reedpaw! Reedpaw!' echoed around the sedge camp- an echo in which her voice did not join. For some reason, neither did her brother's.
"Now that we have a fine new apprentice," Fawnstar trilled, silencing all the cats in the clearing, " we can get to the business of the Gathering in some days..."
Wait, a fine new apprentice? Oh my- " For Starclan's sake, they really did forget Sparrowkit!"
Thornkit and Graykit stared for a bit, until it clicked- "He's that quiet!" whispered Graykit.
"Won't Dusklight say something? " said Rainkit desperately.
"Dusklight's sleeping- she had a headache-"
"Then someone else- some other cat has to- we can't-"

Thornkit had a look she did not like. At all. Nope. No way.

Rainkit, her ears burning like fire, landed in the dirt behind the cats attending the meeting. Thornkit looked at the relatively small and kittish silhouette of Reedkit on the den, then at Fawnstar.
"Rainkit has something important to say," he announced in a cocksure tone. Everybody inconveniently stared at her. Did they really want Rainkit to melt into a silly whimpering puddle on the floor? Why must being a public speaker be so hard?
Rainkit, never wish for the leader's den ever again!
...Misery loves company....

"You forgot Sparrowkit, " she croaked as if she had had no water for (insert impossible number here) days with unexpected feeling. It wasn't good to step on somebody and not even think it worthy to notice! Especially if it was the best looking bird in the whole-whole-wh- nevermind!

Sparrowki- Sparrowpaw stood very awkwardly to the side of the den as the attention of the riveted cats switched to him, and Rainkit felt pity- he looked even more nervous then she did and he didn't even have to say anything.

Fawnstar regained all her composure and cooed to the young cat, who tried to stare a hole in the floor to jump into and escape all the gazes. "Sparrowkit...Up to the Hightree now..."
Slowly,as if every step caused him very bad arthritis, he made his way up. During this painful time, Rainkit slipped back to Graykit and Thornkit joined them.
"How successful! " said Thornkit. "Do you think I deserve a very large reward?"
"No," Rainkit sighed, and watched Sparrowpaw climb.

"I think I do," Thornkit nicely interrupted her thoughts. "After all, I helped make a very important friendship!"
"You stood up for Birdy! He's not going to forget y- that very soon!"


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