Blue Moon (A Warriors Fanfic)

Riverclan cats are known among cats for those who sit in the lap of luxury. Good food almost all year round, no battles to worry about,no predators, plenty of time for sunbathing and playing. .. It's not a wonder that the other clans refer to them as 'pompous, plump and lazy.'

You could say that it's an unjust stereotype.

This is a book about the life and adventures of a cat who matches none of the criteria above. With the help of her troubled friend and two brothers, she helps an estranged, star-crossed leader, attends elementary school, serves as a spy, gains the favour of a wild Twoleg kit, forms a rebellion with a hamster, and basically ends up in every Code-breaking situation there is.

Who's being lazy now?


7. ■ The Dramatic Fifth Chapter ■


Rainkit nodded encouragingly as Sparrowpaw coughed a bit. 

"You promised," she reminded him.

" Try as long sentences as you possibly can make, because that's always the way that elders tell a story." she mewed. He scrunched up his nose in distaste, but one look at her round eyes made him sigh and shake out his paws,and nervously look around once or twice. 

He attempted to start multiple times before beginning:

"Umm, so, you know the part when we went out of the den to find  out about Eaglestar. Before that, i, um, didn't sleep at all because i was scared of...something. Then Reedpaw-" Rainkit grunted- "- then Reedpaw said that if I wasn't sleeping we could go walk outside and he had something to show, I think. Uh... I didn't want to but he really made me and I went. He ate a thing or another and i told him about the warrior code and was like ' dear brother please whatever' so I shut up. We went out. '

' And then we skipped across the rocks and I almost sort of fell and we went through the territory and rolled in some garlic. Then Reedpaw knowed his way and we walked to Fourtrees, which is like a big tree divided into four bits. And Eaglestar and Fawnstar were standing and I said that it wasn't good to spy-" he coughed asthmatically -"- good to spy,and that it wasn't right to sit on Fourtrees if we weren't a leader and Starclan could be angry. And he said something or other. I dunno.' 

Sparrowpaw  closed his eyes while it started to drizzle. The clouds above were light,twirly and covered the half the sky, which seemed to watch the two as they crouched in the vast, densely clustered leaves of the renowned Fourtrees.

They were crouched above the place where the Windclan leader usually stood, downwind of Eaglestar and Fawnstar.

Sparrowpaw couldn't really bring himself to focus too much on their words, which were long and almost forcefully dramatic. It also didn't help that his rump had what felt like million of cuts from awkwardly tumbling through bracken because Reedpaw had forgotten the way and just ended up following rogue scent trails.
He had probably forgotten the risks and the dangers of leaving the territory. And the recurrent rage of the cats at Riverclan.
Reedpaw's flaw was probably that he either didn't think about it or took too long to think about it or thought about it a bad time. 
In other words, he didn't consider his plans properly.

Sparrowpaw gave him a light poke in the side, and instinctively cowered when he snapped his head around to glare.
He had half a mind to say 'Why are we here?' in a very loud voice, but when his more authoritative brother looked at him square in he face, he ended up hissing, "Want to go home."

"Sparrowpaw, she's only a kit, and not at your level yet!" he mewed back urgently.

He stared at the side of his face in confusion.

"I'll tell you why if you stop questioning me." Reedpaw offered. Sparrowpaw conveniently forgot about the two cavorting swallows down on the ground and nodded.

"It's about your friend," he mewed, his voice dropping a notch. " Her big brother was.. really mean to me."                                                                    

Sparrowpaw started. Thornkit? But he wasn't a bully. Only a defender...
His eyes suddenly became flinty.

Reedpaw didn't seem to notice.

("Good!" Rainkit meowed in a fierce whisper. " He deserved it! He needed it!")

A thought occured to him.
"How will this affect Thornkit?"

Reedpaw let out his breath in a long hiss and coincidentally Fawnstar chose that moment to raise her voice by an octave. "Eaglestar! This is the reason for convincing me to come? All the fabrications you have been whispering to me about so many urgent matters about our cats is only to gain my favour? "

Reedpaw and Sparrowpaw listened raptly. They were both expecting her to say something really puffed up. (If they were people, it would be something worthy of a medieval soap opera like "Back, you snake, you rogue! There is no place for gilded lies among the ears of my people!")

Eaglestar murmured a protest which, for some reason, actually made her speak like a normal cat.

"I'm not a newly accepted loner, Eaglestar, I am the leader of RiverClan. We live our lives governed by the age-old code which has shaped us for better or worse and you know that I don't have to repeat it word for word to get it into your head. We are both leaders of two different Clans full of cats, and the one she- cat you decided to fixate on most is the one you can't get no matter what you may say or do. Just let it go, there are better queens with less on their shoulders that you can chase."

Sparrowpaw and Reedpaw stared down through the leaves, then at each other. Sparrowpaw was beginning to realise how complicated girls could be.

Fawnstar had always seemed like that over dramatic single aunt at the family reunion that all the kids like to hang around because she's wacky and gives money at some point. The RiverClan cats treated her like one of the warriors because she was so basically unleaderlike,  not especially commanding respect or looking majestic while sitting on a large rock framed by the sunset and waving reeds, while sighing to this cat who secretly is in love with them about their problems and stuff.

She gathered moss and helped Mapleclaw (while complaining of course). She grudgingly cleaned the elders of their ticks to get to listen to a story. She asked advice about her leadership problems and looked sympathetically annoyed whenever Moonfur complained about the toms and how they should improve their diet and groom themselves more often. She panicked whenever Graykit started crying around her about being hungry.

He couldn't guess whether or not it made her a bad leader.

She did try to solve the Clan's problems efficiently and took reports made by border patrols and complaints made by other cats rather seriously. It occurred to him that unlike other leaders that he had heard stories about Fawnstar was more oriented with the commoners of her Clan that they usually were.

She acted all dramatic and tinkly on purpose. It was just pretty much a part of her goofiness.

Thats it, Sparrowpaw realised. She's a weirdly funny sort of cat.

He then shook his head, pelting Reedpaw with drops of water. I barely know her. Why am i being so analytic? 

He then thought about Fawnstar's words. She's making it like a challenge. Telling him to let it go and stuff. Won't that make him want to more?

What if she likes the attention?

He put a wet paw to his forehead, ears flattened and eyes scrunched up. Reedpaw looked at him consolingly. " Girls are weird, huh?"

Sparrowpaw grunted.

This was stupid and he wanted to go home and just leave it all behind. This was breaking the warrior code and they hadn't even learned anything about it other than Eaglestar having a crush on Fawnstar who was not amazingly actually stupid. The other warriors could be waking up and beginning to realize their absence.

 Reedpaw appeared to be able to sense his discomfort and his eyes narrowed warningly. His brother looked at him defiantly back.

"If i can pass on this really actually valuable information to Rainkit's brother Thornkit in a more modified way, then he will probably tell his brother Graykit who cannot keep a secret and will so tell the Clan that Thornkit spied on these two leaders." Reedpaw hissed lowly, the drumming of the heavy rain almost fizzling out his words.

"That's just evil," Sparrowpaw suddenly seemed to puff up, his tail rising and his chin tucked in to his chest, as he had a sudden small explosion in his chest of anger which had even at first surprised him. The consequences and the way Reedpaw was just brushing them off for some insults seemed to ignite him.

 "You'd be ruining so many other cats! Eelstripe and Shellshine and Rainkit and Graykit and Thornkit and even Fawnstar and you'd hurt the RiverClan opinion of ThunderClan even more. Are you a Clan cat, Reedpaw, or are you a fox hearted rogue? What kind of a brother does this? Should we all just dub you Tigerclaw and touch our foreheads fearfully to your overblown feet in terror?"

Reedpaw blinked.

Sparrowpaw slowly made his fur lie flat, still holding his gaze. He had never said such a long big speech ever before without feeling winded, and yet there he was, staring down his brother in this out of nowhere fit of fury. The depth of his feelings confused him.

It also confused Reedpaw who for once didn't have anything to immediately say. He wasn't used to Sparrowpaw standing up for himself.

However, he did recover at some point. "Maybe I didn't think."

This made Sparrowpaw drop his ears, looking puzzled. Reedpaw admitting?

Reedpaw just swiftly lifted his haunches off the tree branch, pausing to groom himself briefly and glance down at the leaders, who had already disbanded. " Lets go," he said shortly."I will not be asking for you to come with me again, Sparrowpaw. This was a mistake."

He smoothly dropped down the tree onto the slick grass below , and a now bumbling Sparrowpaw made his way down as well. Reedpaw began to immediately walk in front with his tail held neutrally as if nothing of importance had happened and headed back into the forest, following the scent trail of the two leaders.

Sparrowpaw looked up as the trees appeared to close in above his head and wrap them in a gradually oppressive quiet filled with only rustling leaves, attempting to distract himself. These trees weren't like the willows of own home territory which seemed like queenly elders. These felt like disapproving senior warriors. He supposed that ThunderClan liked their strong personality.

He brushed past a blob of bracken when all of a sudden there was a wail, echoing through the trees.

Sparrowpaw jumped, whirling around, and frantically pressed his back to a tree, beginning to feel the paralyzing fear of remembering his nightmares. This felt just like one; large towering trees, darkness, and screams. He realized that Reedpaw had disappeared and his imagination immediately began to sketch a picture of him falling into a hole, him getting mauled to death, badgers, foxes, Twolegs, dogs- 

And then Reedpaw burst through a berry bush, scattering dead leaves and causing Sparrowpaw to shriek and jump a foot in the air. He stopped in front of his brother, panting.

Sparrowpaw realised that he had a dropped a bundle to the ground. 

His heart began to hammer again and his vision tunneled. He considered trying to ram himself into a tree to escape this sudden onslaught of nightmare. "Is she dead?" he croaked.

"No," said Reedpaw shortly. " She was trying to sneak in after us and she fainted at some point. You watch the kit. I get the others." 

Reedpaw whirled around and sprinted back through the way he came. Sparrowpaw stared after his  retreating tail blankly, then turned to look at Rainkit. He crept over and poked her awkwardly.

He jumped back when she leapt to her feet, her pupils dilated in fear, tail twitching and fur all puffed up. She stared uncomprehendingly at Sparrowpaw, who stared back stupidly.

"R-Reedpaw?" she squeaked. "Ah-dh-dh-thing-"

Looking at her being all tiny and more scared than he was, Sparrowpaw had this sudden strange feeling in his chest as if somebody had put something warm there that had melted and spread it's warmth everywhere. He forgot that he was wet and the trees were menacing and the wind was cold and his fur lay flat and his ears swiveled forward.

"It's Sparrowpaw," he mewed. "Unless you want me to call Reedpaw.."

"No," she said quickly.


Some silence.


"Um. Nice to meet you." He squinted up at the sky visible. "Good weather we're having."



More silence.

Rainkit abandoned all pretense and rushed forwards towards Sparrowpaw, forcing herself between his paws and staring up into his face plaintively. " I haaaaate Reedpaw," she complained. " I was like, just looking for you and stuff 'cause you ran away and Thornkit and Graykit accidentally followed and we got accidentally in ThunderClan. And we runned-" 

"Ran," Sparrowpaw corrected.

" Ranned a lot and Reedpaw said," -here she puffed herself up and tucked her chin into her chest and assumed a comically deep tone-  " You're a dumb old kit and stuff. I was like no."

"Okay," said Sparrowpaw, unsure of what else to say. He was pretty sure that was glowing with the warmness by now.

Rainkit settled next to him. " And now you have to promise me something."

Sparrowpaw suddenly froze up. "Um. What?"

Rainkit scratched the back of her ear. "You got me in so much trouble."

"You followed..." 

"It's a perfectly sane thing to remember that if you sneak out a kit will see and follow you, duh."


"It's just a small promise."

Sparrowpaw rolled his eyes.

"Okay, see, when we get back," her face assumed a serious expression, "You tell me your side of the story."

Sparrowpaw thought of the shortest way possible, as there was to be no way of wriggling out of this. "Okay."


Just then, in ridiculously good timing, Reedpaw exploded through the undergrowth, fairly dragging two hissing kits that looked pretty much exactly like one another, except one was rather large and one was rather small. Sparrowpaw noticed that Reedpaw wore a harassed expression remarkably like Dusklight's when he and his brother used to nag her for fish. 

Thornkit and Graykit suddenly took a bounding leap towards their sister and surrounded her on both sides, muscling away Sparrowpaw. Rainkit looked sort of alarmed as they flooded her with words. 

"Rainkit, did he h-"

"Did he do anyth-"

"Were you-"

"We ran and then-"

"Didn't mean to leave y-"

"Is Sparr-"

"Are yo-"

"We nee-"

"Hear, hear," interrupted Rainkit. " I'm fine. And Sparrow's nice."

"Um. Very nice."

Thornkit looked at him.

Then they both stepped back from their sister, both eyeballing Reedpaw distrustfully. Sparrowpaw actually felt a little sorry for him.

Reedpaw looked from Sparrowpaw to Thornkit, Graykit, and then Rainkit, who narrowed her yellow eyes at him defiantly. His gaze seemed to linger on her a while before narrowing his own and dropping it to his paws. He hadn't ever looked so sorry before with his fur all raggedy and stuck to his body.

"Hey," said Sparrowpaw, and stood up. " How about we all go?"

"Yeah," mumbled Rainkit and Reedpaw at the same time, and glared at each other.

From then one, there wasn't talking as they just silently threaded through the forest, thanking StarClan that no patrol had found them yet. The ground began to lighten and the trees thinned as they approached the border, and Sparrowpaw breathed in the scents of the river and his home with relief. It burbled innocently and smoothed over the rocks and the reeds, and they skipped over the stepping stones without much mishap.

Reedpaw stopped all of a sudden. " I hear a patrol." 

Before any cat had time to react, he scooped up Rainkit immediately began protesting loudly and fairly strutted into the midst of the patrol, making his expression as winsome as possible.

Sparrowpaw caught an eye-roll sent his way from Thornkit.



Sparrowpaw felt as if he had been spitting on about this story for a hundred moons. His throat certainly did feel like that. 

Rainkit yawned. "Super nice story." She then gently toppled forward and would have ended up with her face in the dust if Sparrowpaw hadn't quickly caught her scruff. " You have to sleep," he mumbled. 

Rainkit grunted.

Sparrowpaw had to haul her to the nursery, where he deposited her with Thornkit and Graykit. She yawned and attempted to chew his paw.

He gently shook himself free and left the warmth wistfully, entering the apprentice den and sidestepping Volepaw to tuck himself into the corner which did certainly look more comfortable than ever. Reedpaw had typically curled himself up in the middle of everycat.

Sparrowpaw shook his paws out before curling them to his chest, and the last thought he had before he fell asleep was that he had forgotten his poppy seeds.



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