Blue Moon (A Warriors Fanfic)

Riverclan cats are known among cats for those who sit in the lap of luxury. Good food almost all year round, no battles to worry about,no predators, plenty of time for sunbathing and playing. .. It's not a wonder that the other clans refer to them as 'pompous, plump and lazy.'

You could say that it's an unjust stereotype.

This is a book about the life and adventures of a cat who matches none of the criteria above. With the help of her troubled friend and two brothers, she helps an estranged, star-crossed leader, attends elementary school, serves as a spy, gains the favour of a wild Twoleg kit, forms a rebellion with a hamster, and basically ends up in every Code-breaking situation there is.

Who's being lazy now?


1. ■The Prologue■


It's a rather ordinary day for Riverclan.

No. Wait. I take that back. It was a slightly unordinary day for Riverclan.

The weather was the kind of cool and cloudy morning that comes after torrents of rain relieving some real dog days. Or drought days. Apart from the monsoon, however, was another tense highlight especially special for two cats- kits were going to be born today.

The once bone-dry bed of the life giving river encircling the island was alive with weeds and pebbles. The water itself innocently burbled, pretending that it never had been gone. The horsetails barely moved in the light mist laying on the territories like a very thick blanket. Every now and then the ripple of silvery scales betrayed the movements of fattening fish, as the shudder and rustle of grass did with watervoles.

There was one animal there, though, that to humans would be highly unlikely to try a dip.

Those humans would be shocked at their unstereotypical behaviour.

Plumpness (either from fitness or fattening),slightly oily fur, relaxed behaviour, and amiability towards water was a common trait shared by all the cats of Riverclan. This tom resembled a pike- bulkish, silver and faintly striped.

He was on a largish and smoothish rock, looking at the river, but not for prey- for something very different. "Easy, kit," he meowed. "There's no need to prove that fish aren't the only ones with gills- you're quite fine without."

"I'm not your kitten, Eelstripe, I'm your mate," the subject of his staring replied.

A creamy, short-furred female with mottled black patches turned her head to look at him. She had been smoothly striding through water barely past her paws, and dropped something she was carrying in her mouth. A spiky sort of snail shell that had a colour akin to her pelt.

She gave him an expression that a person would equivalent with raising their eyebrows.

"Are you even talking to me,or...?"

Eelstripe attempted not to stare at her considerably extended abdomen. "Both," he said, and pounced off the stone and padded up to her. He nudged her, she nudged him back, her face warming into...not a smile of course, but certainly something happy. He looked at the shell. " Looks like you. A shiny shell. Shellshine."

"You're terrible at giving compliments." Shellshine didn't move away, however.

"Never really had anyone to give them to."

Quiet. The only sounds were the rustle of bending grasses and the gentle rolling of thunder in the distance.

But a snapping of stick, a rolling of pebble- "You-two-are-so-gushyyy!" The pair leapt apart as if given a shock. Eelstripe looked at Shellshine awkwardly, and the look was returned before she attempted to appear nonchalant by preening her chest fur. Volepaw was a nosy,loud but ever caring small bundle of mousy brown fur. She also had the knack for appearing at undesirable times.

"I hope I don't ever had a mate when I grow up if I have to do the same silly stuff all the ti-"

"Thank you, Volepaw, for your entertaining commentary on what you think about certain things. Do I remember Petalflame, the deputy and your mentor, telling you about border patrol?"

Eelstripe interrupted her coolly. "Yes but whatshisname got a headache and went so she said to tell you to come and fill in since you were near the border enough and were out anyways."


Shellshine suddenly stood and stretched luxuriously, picking up the treasure she had found in her mouth. " I believe that going to camp should be the best for me," she meowed evenly, but added in Eelstripe's ear; "Not mad at you. In case you thought."

Eelstripe watched her leave, her tail waving, and sighed, turning to the expectant Volepaw. "I'm going," he meowed and got to his feet exasperatedly. "Come on, kit."


Eelstripe shook the extra rodent in his jaw triumphantly as they rounded the border.

Volepaw kept looking at it with a longing expression, but the tom reminded her sternly, "Nothing until we get back= remember the warrior code, kit." She just sighed and stared some more, until finally she decided to distract herself with her favourite pastime- yakking her silly head off.

"Eelstripe do you really believe that we could find a dog and a dog pack or at least some snakes it's so boring just walking and being hungry didn't you hear about Sunningrocks yet did Thunderclan steal it again or something those mangy mouseheads are so stupid that they can't see how it was always ours do you think I could go to the Gathering because I want to see new cats not just these same old buggers around our camp do you think Shadowclan is really greedy and stuff I don't like them obviously they always want trouble like so many of the stories have Shadowclan cats making so much stupid arguments and they eat frogs for the love of Starclan and why do we go to Starclan why can't it be a real clan can you die in Starclan because you're already dead and if so what happens do you think that if a queen dies before she has kits why are you shaking your head and growling I was only asking that if a queen dies in Starclan before kitting does she have her kits there and they're all ghostly and stuff Eelstripe why are you glaring or do they come down here and whatever hey Eelstripe the other patrollers are calling you."

Eelstripe tried his best to tune it out.

"Why are you sticking with me?" he mumbled. " What about Troutsplash and whoever? Aren't they also on this patrol?"

"I just said that they were coming towards you! Were you listening?"

Probably. Possibly. Maybe. Nope.

The trio of cats they left apparently behind appeared over a ridge. Eelstripe squinted at them- they must have running judging the way they wearily padded now, and how the members looked- their ears were flattened, pupils dilated, and tails were puffy. Troutsplash's paws were shaking; but whether from exertion or terror he couldn't tell.

Eelstripe dropped the vole and stared. Something prickly felt like as if it was being dragged across his back.

"Pah!" He spat out the dingy fur from the animal out of his mouth.

Troutsplash attempted to meet his eyes and to stop panting.

Behind him, Otterleap opened her mouth, appearing to be a better condition than the other two behind her. She braced her legs.


"He's already gone," Volepaw commented helpfully.

Troutsplash looked up.

A cloud of sand dissolved where he had been standing just a moment before.


Eelstripe listened quietly to the steady drumming of drops on the camp floor as he lay, paws tucked under his chest.

They were constant and they were water- it helped calm him down. Even if all the animals on earth were to die out, rain wouldn't dissappear. It would always be there forever, splashing merrily into the reeds and trickling down the into the river, running across the tightly woven dens.

. The nursery was the most heavily built den in the camp to help it stay anchored when the river flooded, due to it being closer to the water than others. The other warriors were  inside their respective den with Eelstripe. Every now and then Troutsplash would nudge him comfortingly, and Eelstripe would nudge him back.

Otherwise he stared blankly at the rain, the occasional drop landing on his face and making him blink.

He'd given up pacing long ago.

"How much longer?" he mumbled. A minute...Five more... Something stuck it's head inside the den- the welcome face of the medicine cat's apprentice, Oakpaw.

Eelstripe started to get up, and to his relief Oakpaw let him, only scrutinizing his face carefully. The others watched his retreating back as Oakpaw led him out of the den silently, Eelstripe walked behind him silently and as they hurried out of the rain silently.

It was feeling colder than he remembered.

The other two cats in the nursery parted around him silently as well- Dusklight, ,with two kits two moons old that were temporarily with Fawnstar, and her brother Mapleclaw the medicine cat(who could be a bit of a flirt, but that isn't important at the moment). Their quiet wasn't hostile, however- on the contrary, it was congratulating.

Eelstripe's hunched shoulders relaxed at long last.

Shellshine was at the corner of the den with her flank rising and dropping gradually as she dozed, curled up against three spiky-looking bundles of fur, one only three quarters the size of the others. Two looked like carbon copies of him, and the other looked remarkably like it's grandmother.

Eelstripe stared.


"...Did I have that big a head when I was born?"

The tension broke. Mapleclaw flicked his ear playfully. "Dusklight always said that you kept that huge head as you grew up," he meowed.

His sister looked affronted. "I didn't say that to anybody that in my life!"

"Other than him?" Eelstripe said good-naturedly and Dusklight quickly regained her composure. "Eelstripe?"

"Still here."

"Shellshine said she wanted to name the kittens Rainkit, Thornkit and the last one you could pick."

"I think the one named 'the last one you could pick' looks rather small," Mapleclaw commented. Dusklight gave him a look. "Looks like a tiny version of me," Eelstripe said quickly. "Silverkit? or Graykit?"

"Just not as shiny," commented Oakpaw behind them quietly, making the others jump."Graykit could be Graynight when grown.(Or maybe not, it sounds like a horrible name). He's kinda dark."

"Rainkit, Thornkit, Graykit," Eelstripe mused. " I've only just seen you lot, but you're already making me proud."

"What a delightful speech, Eelstar," Mapleclaw said. "Let your mate alone for a bit- I have a feeling that while Shellshine loves you sleep is what she really calls for right now ."


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