Through the Mist

You and I are exactly the same. We're two fans of Percy Jackson—we could be obsessed, or maybe we're not, but deep in our hearts we all know one sad truth: Percy Jackson does not exist.
Or does he?
Two mortal Percy Jackson fans find themselves thrown into the demigod world, which is amazing at first—but then trouble strikes.


2. This Can't Be Real—Oh, Wait, It Is

Lilith's POV

"My name is Percy Jackson," said the boy who looked exactly like Percy Jackson.

Sage snorted. "Sure it is. And I'm Nico di Angelo!"

"We're not lying," Annabeth-girl insisted.

"Then prove it," I challenged.

"Wait," Sage interjected. "We shouldn't do it here. If you really are who you say you are"—his voice was full of doubt—"then you probably shouldn't do it front of a bunch of mortals in Starbucks."

The couple exchanged glances. At last Annabeth-girl narrowed her eyes at me and said, "Fine."

We walked to the fountain behind Starbucks. "Now do your powers," Sage commanded.

Percy-guy sighed and raised his arms, and to my astonishment, the water actually began to move!

Wait, I thought. Did it?

I frowned. Why had I thought that the water was flying in the air? It was just some wind that pushed the water out of the fountain. Did the water even move? No, it didn't. I was so confused.

"The Mist," I realized out loud.

Everyone turned to me.

"It's why my brain keeps convincing me that I didn't see you controlling the water," I continued. "But I guess I believe you."

Sage looked like he was about to explode with excitement. "Is it true that Camp Half-Blood is in Manhattan? Is Camp Jupiter in California? Is Hera really that terrible? Did you guys really think that Leo died?" Sage bombarded the couple—Percabeth, I reminded myself excitedly—with questions.

"Wait," Annabeth said at last. "You said something about a book series. Who's the author?"

"Rick Riordan," I replied.

"Rick Riordan?" Percy repeated incredulously. "You mean that son of Calliope who interviewed every demigod every summer in Camp Half-Blood?"

"I knew he was up to something," Annabeth muttered.

"Oh," Sage said eagerly. "So did he also interview Magnus?"

"There's a series about Magnus, too?" Annabeth asked, appalled.

Sage nodded.

"There's also one about Sadie and Carter," I informed them.

Annabeth sat on the edge of the fountain and buried her face in her hands.

"So this Rick guy's series says everything about our lives? Even..." Percy's voice broke a little. "Even Tartarus?"

I nodded wordlessly. "It even includes your secrets," I said softly, shifting from foot to foot.

Sage looked miserable. "Maybe you should just use the Mist on us so that we forget about seeing you."

"Um," Percy began, obviously trying to lighten up the mood, "who's your favorite character?"

Sage and I were normally very open about this, but it was awkward to tell this information to the character himself.

Annabeth looked up at last. "Oh, come on," she laughed. "We won't feel bad."

"Well, Nico," I admitted. "And Leo, Jason, Reyna. And then I have ten characters—sorry, this is so awkward—in second place, like Percy and Annabeth"—I blushed even harder—"I mean you."

"How about you?" Percy asked Sage.

"Oh, well," he said, flustered, "I guess Percy, um, you, Reyna, and Will. And I have a lot of second-places."

"Can..." I stopped. It was a stupid idea. I was about to ask Percy and Annabeth if I could go to camp.

Idiot, I chided myself.

Percy seemed to read my thoughts. "You know about everything," he said. "But you're still a mortal. I don't think you'll be able to go to Camp Half-Blood."

Annabeth, however, seemed to think otherwise. "You know, maybe they will be able to go to camp," she mused. "Why don't we try?"

Sage bit his lip. "Um, well, it's all the way in New York," he reminded her.

Percy's eyes sparkled. "Ever heard of Iris-Messaging?"

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