Through the Mist

You and I are exactly the same. We're two fans of Percy Jackson—we could be obsessed, or maybe we're not, but deep in our hearts we all know one sad truth: Percy Jackson does not exist.
Or does he?
Two mortal Percy Jackson fans find themselves thrown into the demigod world, which is amazing at first—but then trouble strikes.


4. The Lack of Justice in this World

Lilith's POV

Why? Why me?

I ran blindly. I just wanted to get away, away from Camp Half-Blood, away from Percy and Annabeth, away from Sage. I had always loved Sage, but now I resented him. I now understood why the Percy Jackson characters cursed the Fates so much. I wish I had never met them. I wish I had spent my life thinking that they were book characters.

I wish.

I could hear Sage yelling my name, but I ignored him. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair.

The thought pushed me to keep moving. As I ran, I kept repeating it my head. Left foot It isn't fair. Right foot It isn't fair. Left foot It isn't fair.

After what seemed like an eternity, I stopped. I collapsed onto the ground, cursing my asthma. Did it really have to act up right now?

"Take it easy, child," I heard a lovely woman's voice say.

I looked up and saw a woman clad in some sort of animal skin and a white dress.

"J-Juno?" I wheezed.

"No, no, my dear," the woman laughed. "I am not Juno."

"Then who are you?" I asked, still struggling to breath.

"Here, let me help you," she said, ignoring my question. She snapped her fingers, and my lungs suddenly cleared.

"Thank you," I breathed as I stood up.

"Now, let me answer your question. I am Circe."

My eyes widened. "Circe?" I repeated. "You mean, the evil sorceress who..." The look on Circe's face made me stop.

"Evil?" she said, her voice ominous. "Is that what they told you?"

I didn't reply.

"I am not evil, child," Circe said. "I only seek revenge. And don't you know what that feels like?"

I slowly nodded, though I was still wary. "Why are you here?" I asked.

"That, my dear," she began, "is because I believe that we can work together."

"Work... Together?"

"Yes, yes," Circe said. "And," she added, her eyes gleaming, "I—that is to say, we—will get our revenge, and, most importantly, power. Don't you want that?"

Her honeyed voice swept over me. Yes, I wanted that. Of course I did. Why did I ever doubt it? She deserved utmost respect. Together, we would gain power.

While I thought this, a small voice nagged at me from the back of mind, Are you sure about that?

I ignored it. "Of course."

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