Through the Mist

You and I are exactly the same. We're two fans of Percy Jackson—we could be obsessed, or maybe we're not, but deep in our hearts we all know one sad truth: Percy Jackson does not exist.
Or does he?
Two mortal Percy Jackson fans find themselves thrown into the demigod world, which is amazing at first—but then trouble strikes.


5. I Meet the Demigods

Sage's POV

"Lilith!" I cried. "Wait, come back!"

Annabeth pursed her lips. I knew from reading the books the gist of her thoughts: She's only a mortal. "Don't worry about her," she told me. "She'll calm down after a while."

I glared at her. "Excuse me," I said. "She is my friend."

"Whoa," Percy interjected. "Be nice, Annabeth."

It seemed like a risky thing to tell her. Rick was not lying when he described Annabeth's eyes as scary. Just looking into those stormy gray eyes made me want to shrink away. 

"Let's talk to Chiron," Annabeth decided, ignoring her boyfriend.

As we walked towards the Big House, I tried to mentally prepare myself for the centaur. I knew that it would be more than a little freaky to see a half-horse. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but jump at the sight of Chiron. 

"Percy, Annabeth!" Chiron said, sounding relieved. His eyes fell on me. "And who are you, mortal?"

Annabeth and Percy exchanged glances and took turns explaining about how they met Lilith and me, and what we told them about Rick Riordan's book series. Even though the books described it, seeing Chiron's hair turn gray before my eyes was a bit unnerving. 

"I see," he said at last. "Ah, Sage, do you have a copy of any of these... books?"

I nodded nervously. "I think I have the Mark of Athena in my backpack," I told them.

I pulled it out of my backpack, and Annabeth took it, curiosity and eagerness glowing beneath the thin layer of anxiousness in her eyes. 

The centaur sighed. "May I speak to you alone, Sage?" he inquired, although it seemed more like an order. Annabeth and Percy took his message and silently walked out.

"Sit down," he said. After I sat on the chair, he instructed, "Now tell me about these books."

I nodded, and I began to recount the tale of Percy Jackson as I knew it. 

Several hours, questions, and gray hairs later, I was finished. 

Chiron studied me intensely. "I believe," he decided, "that we should speak to Rick Riordan."

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