My Poems


10. The Pizza Not Eaten


Two pizzas covered in melted cheese

I'm sorry I couldn't eat both

And be one step closer in the queue

I looked down the line with my mouth watering

Until it was finally my turn

I gave my order

Perhaps I could get both

They were both covered in greasy cheese and slices of ham

Though I only had enough change for one

I stare at the menu with my stomach growling

Later in the night my order was ready

The succulent smell of tomatoes and meat fill the air

I will definitely come back for more another day

Yet I wonder how the other pizza tasted

I started to doubt my choice in flavour

I shall be saying this with a sigh

I think about the mistake I've made

Two pizzas covered in melted cheese

I took the one with the most

And that has made all the difference

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