Desire is Not Weakness

How does Draco sort out his feelings for Hermione Granger with an impending war? Students at Hogwarts are on edge, but will he be able to contain himself?


2. Incomparable

A mad dash to find a partner, and to then gather the required items from the ingredients cabinet. Seeing as none of my cronies were exactly the proper material for a class of this level, partner activities often left me with the spare that couldn't pair up with their friend.

"Won-won?!" a giggly voice spoke. Lavender Brown, Weasley's surprising new love interest.

"Sorry, Lav ... I'm already with Harry," he said, nudging Potter, who jumped at the touch, evidently unaware of this pairing. He grabbed Potter's arm, and they both stiffened as they nodded to Lavender and awkwardly backed away. I chuckled at the sight, observing the events in front of me from my corner of the room. The pairs began to settle, finally leaving three people in the room without a partner. Lavender eyed the Hufflepuff girl, one of her only three (well, two) options, rolled her eyes, and looked to Hermione. As she glanced over at me, I looked away, turning back to see Granger pacing towards me. Grabbing my arm and pulling me to the vacant table in the back of the class, she slammed her books down triumphantly.

"Happy to see me?" I sneered. She simply rolled her eyes and ran off to the ingredients cabinet. When she returned, her fingers skimmed the pages of her open textbook, checking over each ingredient on the list. I had positioned the cauldron on my right, causing her to brush past me as she reached for it. When I handed it off to her, the contact of our hands sent shivers up my spine. Shaking my head, I looked down at the instructions and began to dissect the bat wings as Hermione sliced the frog liver. She occasionally glanced over at me in order to decide whether or not my work was satisfactory. Even after I had poured my first batch into the cauldron, she managed to avoid speaking to me up until that point.

"So, you and Lavender? Can I see the friendship bracelets?" I chuckled, ignoring her look of pure hatred. She pursed her lips before speaking.

"She is an incompetent, narcissistic, selfish dimbo," Hermione spoke, gritting her teeth. With each breath, the slice of her knife could be heard, before it stuck into the cutting board. The redness of the wombat tongue was incomparable to the blood rushing to her cheeks in that moment.

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