Desire is Not Weakness

How does Draco sort out his feelings for Hermione Granger with an impending war? Students at Hogwarts are on edge, but will he be able to contain himself?


4. Darting

This was the first night of winter that it had snowed at Hogwarts, and as I made my way down the corridor, headed for the Gryffindor Common Room, despite the cold weather my palms began to sweat.  I had worn my white button down, with my Slytherin tie, and draped with my green sweater with the Slytherin emblem on it.  As I approached the common room, I noticed Hermione hovering outside the portrait hole, holding it wide open, and she like me was wearing jeans, though her hair was curled, and she had on a Gryffindor emblem t-shirt with a long sleeve grey shirt under it.  When she noticed me, she put her head down and spoke softly.




“Er … Hi,” I said as she grabbed my arm to lead me inside the portrait of an obese woman.  When I entered, all eyes darted towards me, seeing as I stuck out like a sore thumb, the green in a sea of red.  There were sighs, mumbles, whispers, from all around.  Although we took a seat on a couch that faced the cozy fireplace, I was put to no more ease than I had been upon my arrival.

When I entered, all eyes darted towards me, seeing as I stuck out like a sore thumb, the green in a sea of red.

Sitting down on the couch did not soothe me either. It was more awkward than standing in the middle of the room, and I so wished Hermione would have chosen a corner, or something a bit more secluded, perhaps the center of the Great Hall, with the entire school staring right at us.

"So ... Draco.  I know you're probably wondering why I asked you here," she said, looking down as the blood had begun running to her cheeks.

"You don't have to explain," I said, forcing her eyes to dart up in order to meet mine. "You wished to make Weasel jealous, I'm not stupid."

"Noted," she said. "I'm sorry … You should go," she said, worry etching itself upon her face.  As I looked around and noticed we were no longer the center of attention, I kicked up my feet on the table, leaned back, and locked my hands together behind my head.

“Oh, but I’m just getting comfortable, Granger!” I smirked, sarcastically.  Giggling, her shoulders dropped, and she seemed to release a bit of tension from her body.

“Fine.  In that case, I suppose we -” she stuttered, looking past me as if her attention was trained elsewhere.  Cheering could be heard from random areas of the common room, and I whipped my head around to see the “brunette bombshell” Lavender Brown kissing none other than the redheaded wonder himself.  She was practically swallowing his face in a disgusting display, desperate even.  One of the several reasons why Draco had never taken an interest in her.  Quicker than I could roll my eyes and turn to face Hermione once again, she had disappeared.  Potter approached the couch we had just been resting on, and trained his eyes on me, ready to pounce.  I simply raised an eyebrow at him and bowed a head toward the hungry display that was happening behind me.  Realizing that Hermione’s prompt exit from the Common Room was not to my credit, he began to back away, drawing me back to the present issue: Hermione.  I made a beeline for the open portrait hole and swung a right, hoping I’d be able to navigate my way through the endless halls.  Positive I was going the wrong direction, I took a left and descended a few flights of stairs and followed a sound that was reminiscent of twittering birds.  My footsteps became lighter as I took each step, and when I caught sight of her, shoulders moving up and down rapidly as she tried to control her breathing, my heart sank.  The birds that surrounded her caught me by surprise, causing my final step to be much louder than originally planned, giving me away.

“Charm spell,” she sniffed, “Just … practicing.”


The next few chapters should hopefully be going up tonight as I've got a load of inspiration and plenty of time to write! Happy Thanksgiving to all! Please let me know how you feel about the story in the comments.

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