We Stopped Talking

He won't pick up the phone. She won't pick up the phone. As life took them by surprise, a couple begin their long-time dream in their career, but distance absorbs pressure in their relationship as they grow apart with no support to back-up their long lasting romance. Years later as they become strangers with new lives, their paths cross one another that show just how strong distance empowers the longing of destined love.


2. Chapter 2

As our college years were coming to an end, we were at the start of our own career. It caused us to separate with only our phones as a source of communication, but each day grew silent as Damien's responses became extended to almost a day.

"How's modelling?" I asked.

We finally met at a restaurant to see each others face, but something seemed different to me. As I asked him about his life, he would sip his drink and look anywhere else but at me. The Damien I knew before became a stranger right before my eyes and it seemed as though the love and adventure were coming to an end.

The night ended quickly with disappointment when Damien left me behind as if our past was nothing but a dream. When he disappeared from my sight, I heard the ring of my phone vibrate from my hand. I turned it on to see Damien's name on the screen with his message below it.

"I'm sorry, I can't keep going with this relationship. This is goodbye," - Damien

My whole world collapsed in two as I fell on my knees and my tears watered the cracks on the concrete sidewalk. The coldness of the night embraced me as I dragged my purse along with my soul upon the earth. It wasn't the end of the world or some huge, natural calamity; it was simply an era in which was bound to come to an end. Yet, reformation would soon come to cross one another again. This is what I had hoped as my life began a new chapter; the climax of the story had only just begun.

"Get on the set, guys!" I shouted to the staff in the studio and to the side-models that stood in social groups as if they were still in high school.

My career had taken flight the moment my life ended. My new life and profession became the only thing keeping me at course, yet a part of me still felt the emptiness of compassion from within. My appearance and name changed over the course of training as a rookie to becoming famously known throughout society, professionally as someone new.

"We have an absentee, it appears the model has yet to arrive on the schedule," The assistant staff reported.

Her thin cheek bones and large, rounded glasses clearly covered her femininity, although her figure proved otherwise. She was on the lookout for slight attention, but I could only pity her prime of age. An age of 20 was something I could not accept any longer.

"Then we will proceed to the next," I spoke without concern, "Stations, people! This isn't a social gathering, get back to work!"

Naturally, I was the monster. A monster without a man in her life to impress the press and the society itself. I could care less what other people thought, as long as I was alive and doing what I loved most. Photography; the act of capturing life at its greatest quality. An art that majority of our population looked forward to and appreciated.

"Sorry for being late," The voice rang remembrance in my ears as the solid figure stepped into the studio, bodyguards and all.

I felt my face flush with paleness as the rising model and my corrupted past walked in. Without the slightest clue of who I was or the possibility of pretending he didn't know who I was, I held my broken heart together as much as I could, but the abstract bandages felt as though they were wearing thin. When he removed his sunglasses, a shimmering glimpse of regret washed over his eyes when he recognized the damaged piece he once knew as a lover.

"I don't accept late-comers," I turned towards the staff as they just stood there and stared precariously. I snapped my fingers and they wobbled back to reality, "Didn't I just say this isn't a social gathering!?"

I flinched as an unexpected strike of electricity surged from my wrist when his hand firmly touched my wrist to bring back down to my side. I looked into his crystal-like eyes that looked back into mine with passion. Flashbacks of the past glimmered in his eyes and I was captured back. I knew I was still in love with him, but everything I had built up in my life to prepare for this felt as though it was crumbling down with just one touch.

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