We Stopped Talking

He won't pick up the phone. She won't pick up the phone. As life took them by surprise, a couple begin their long-time dream in their career, but distance absorbs pressure in their relationship as they grow apart with no support to back-up their long lasting romance. Years later as they become strangers with new lives, their paths cross one another that show just how strong distance empowers the longing of destined love.


1. Chapter 1

For the longest time, love was just the scene in a movie until I met my class partner in High School. He was the attention of the whole class, yet the quietest one in the room beside myself. His face was a blur the first day I met him and it was the first time I had ever forgotten to bring my glasses to school, which made matters much worse in my case as it was hard to see the blackboard from the back of the room.

"Could you please answer the question, Megan?" My math teacher spoke with false elegance. As I saw her figure walk across the room towards my seat, she closed the distance between us and I could feel the heat of her breath exhaling with rage against my scalp, "It would seem you have forgotten your glasses. Sit outside with the rest and learn some responsibility!"

Other students giggled because today I was marked by the beast that day for the very first time. But a light from heaven peered down from the ceiling and there spoke a voice of extreme power.

"Shouldn't there be a first warning, Mrs. Peginson. This is the first time I've ever seen her without her glasses," That boy, that I never noticed throughout the first 3 years of High School, defended me. They called him Damien.

It was the day a wall came tumbling down between us which led us to make conversations like no other. Our interests were revealed and fairly similar. We became surprised with each other which grew to infatuation the night I had my first kiss with him.

"Turn slightly to the left and smile for me," I held my photography camera towards my eye and snapped pictures of him which came out photogenically perfect like the result of a professional photographer. My hobby was photography and his resulted in modeling which paired well with each of our hobbies.

But that night and that year ended after graduation as we enrolled at the same university. Thinking we would never see each other again, we nodded at each other from across the dim auditorium room and there we parted our ways. But on the day of the freshman year enrollment period, we passed by each other in the enrollment administration hallway where he looked much manlier than he did back in High School. When he spoke to the secretary, his voice became much deeper and irresistible.

I looked at my reflection from the administration room window and saw that nothing about my appearance had changed. As I looked into my eyes, they became blurred out when I realized that my eyes were not of my own. I was looking into his eyes and he was looking back at me. He smiled at me and made his way out of the room to meet me.

"It's interesting to see you here," He spoke casually to me which made me oddly uncomfortable, "Would you like to go out tonight?"

When our eyes locked onto each other, I could not answer as the heat in my body rose with anxiety. He began to laugh at my reaction, but he didn't realize how new our situation had become.

In the end, I met him at the suggested meeting place which happened to be a local fair. There were many crowds around each ride and at the ticket booth which made it hard to spot him. I could hear an overpowering, yet faint yell coming from the crowd. I tried to spot the sound, but it faded out. I looked around as lost as a kitten until I was pulled by the wrist towards the line of people.

The next thing I knew, we were in a small dark alley where I looked up to see Damien panting and laughing at the same time as he looked out towards the crowd. He finally realized that his height overwhelmed me as he leaned closer to me. His is eyes met mine as my glasses reflected the bright light of the full moon.

He slowly removed my glasses to see my eyes shimmer in beauty, which caught us in a moment of a passionate tension. The crowd and everywhere else became silent as he touched my cheek, then continued to my neck where he pulled me into him where our lips then met into a passionate kiss. Even though I couldn't see, I could feel the electricity in my body rise with excitement as my heart raced with extreme acceleration.

That was the night we had officially announced ourselves as a couple.

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