It's Just Me

This is a sort of Q&A type thing, I might also just write stuff about me on here sometimes. You guys don't really know much about me, so here's your chance to find out...


2. The Basics

The Basics:


I live in the United States of America


I have a cat


I play drums


I can sing


I write, obviously XD


My best, and pretty much only, friend is homeschooled


I have a lot of stories


I have a long history of stuff to talk about


If you like sad stories you’ll like hearing about my life


I feel bad ‘cause I complain

Because I know that people out there have lives worse than I do



I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Pretty much, I’m Mormon


I am a guy


I’m a teenager


I was born in Utah and I’ve moved around a couple times


OK, cool

I hope you learned from this if you didn’t know me that well

The main purpose for this was to get most of the boring, useless questions out of the

Way so you guys wouldn’t be asking me ridiculous questions forever

Now you can ask some real questions


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