Disney Land Destiel Fanfiction

Based on a picture I saw online, gonna have a slight twist and shout feel to it, so be prepared for feels


1. New job

Dean’s P.O.V.

    I can’t believe this. I mean, I know Disney was weird as hell but seriously. Gay princes? I know I need a job but come on Disney. Okay. Here’s a bit of background on what’s happening here. Last Friday was the last week of my Junior year, and my 17th birthday. Since Sammy just started high school and Dad’s always away on ‘Business trips’ 24/7, I thought it would be a good idea to get a job...at Disney. The only position they had open for a ‘guy with my looks’ is, Gay Prince. According to them, me and another guy, Castiel I think, look exactly like these new Queer Princes that Disney just came out with form their new movie, Twist and Shout. It’s about how the prince that I’m playing Daniel, falls for and marries a commoner named Clarence. Daniel goes to war and comes back wounded. He recovers, but walks with a limp for a while. While at war, Clarence gets really sick, and Daniel does all he can to help him recover. Clarence passes away, and Daniel gets called back for war again. This time, he dies in battle, But Clarence is waiting for him in heaven. It’s a weird story, I think they found it online somewhere. I seriously have no idea how they are able to make that creepy of a story into a children’s film...then again...just look at nightmare before Christmas...thing still gives me the shivers After I finished changing into my uniform, I finally meet the man I was going to be 'lovers' with for the summer. His hair is a dark brown almost black, pale skin, and the bluest eyes iv'e ever seen on a human being. In the movie, Clarence loved to fly a black plane with blue seats with his father before he left. Afterward, his brothers and sisters took care of him, seeing as he was one of the youngest. Even if the house got a little rowdy at times and he was the one having to keep the peace and be the adult. I reach out my hand to the grumpy looking man trying to introduce myself. "The names Dean Winchester. Looks like i'm your partner in crime this summer."

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