Suicide Squad X

"Captain. Avengers. I think it's time I introduced you to someone...or rather someones."
"Oh some more friends you didn't care to tell us about?? I'm starting to doubt our friendship Director. And I was this close to making you a friendship bracelet."
"You just love listening to yourself talk, don't you Mr. Stark??"
"So whose the unlucky bastards??"
"Well Mr. Barton, to the US militia...they go by the name Task Force 303, but to us, well...we just call them the Suicide Squad."


2. 00 | characters

Oceana Alexander (O) played by Holland Roden

Jomei Katang (Jo) played by Rick Yune

Roach Adams (Ro) played by Luke Bracey

Avery Fox (Ava) played by Teresa Palmer

Mathias Andrews (Tank) played by Idris Elba 

Daniel-John Carter (Dj) played by Simon Pegg


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