Trust Issues

It started out as secret meetings. But led to something more. Fond out what happens when Sam's(Samantha) big secret gets spread around the entire school. What will happen between her and her not so secret friend. Will she ever trust another guy again. Or will she let her self fall for another guy and then get burned again. Find out in Trust Issues.


7. Chapter 7

Sam's POV

I was still hiding my face trying not to let Calum see me blushing.  I looked at him and found my smile fading.  He looked concerned.

"Sam what's wrong, why are you sad?"  He asked.  I didn't want to tell him what was wrong.  Because that would include telling him that I'm falling for him.  Last time I fell for someone they weren't there to catch me in the end.  I promised after that that I would never let myself fall again because I didn't want to hit the bottom again.  

"Sam what is wrong, I could tell you were off ever since you went off with Ashton?  What did he do?  Did he hurt you?"  I felt a tear escape from my eye.  i wiped it away quickly.

"He crushed me Calum."  I countinued to tell him what had happened and hoe Luke was my only friend because everyone else thought I was a freak.  I stopped in the middle of my story and saw we were both crying.  

"I'm upset not because of that anymore, but because when I promised myself that I wouldn't fall again I meant it.  I wasn't going to let myself believe that someone actually cares and then hit the bottom again.  I couldn't until I met yo-"  My words got cut off by Calums lips hitting mine.  I leaned in surprised at first.  When he pulled away he held my face in his hands.  

"I'm so sorry he put you through that and I am glad that I met Luke because without him I wouldn't be falling either.  But I am, I'm falling for you Sam and I don't want to stop falling."  I smiled forgetting about all of my self promises.  Maybe I would let myself fall just one last time.  

We drove to my house and I unlocked the front door.  I told Calum he could just stay in the car that it wouldn't take a long time.  I walked upstairs to my room and threw four days worth of clothes and three days worth of pajamas.  I add undergarments and my make up.  I went to the bathroom and grabbed my face wash and tooth brush.  I through that in an extra bag and grabbed my purse and phone charger.  I walked back down stairs and locked the front door again.  I walked all of my stuff to the car and threw it in the back.  

"I missed you."  Calum leaned over and kissed my cheek.  I smiled at him weirdly

"I was gone for like five minutes Calum."  He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.   We drove back to his house. 


A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter but I promise to write another one probably tomorrow.  I hope you are enjoying the story.  I can't wait for you guys to find out what will happen between Sam and Calum and how Ashton will take finding out that they are falling for each other!  Thanks for reading! 

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