Trust Issues

It started out as secret meetings. But led to something more. Fond out what happens when Sam's(Samantha) big secret gets spread around the entire school. What will happen between her and her not so secret friend. Will she ever trust another guy again. Or will she let her self fall for another guy and then get burned again. Find out in Trust Issues.


4. Chapter 4

Luke's POV

When we got to the hospital they took the stretcher out of the back and started yelling things I didn't understand.  I jumped out and tried to catch up with the many doctors pushing Sam away from me.  I go stopped when a doctor put there hand on my shoulder and said "We will do the best we can to save her.  Why don;t you go to the waiting are and we will be out to update you as soon as possible."  The doctor sprinted down the hall to my Sam and I walked to now where in particular.  I had no idea where I was going and I didn't know what else to do but walk.  I walked for three hours waiting for them to come find me.  I had made my way to the waiting area with the help of a nurse.

I felt my pocket shake and I pulled out my phone.  Oh crap it's my mom.  I answered it prepared for the worst.

"Luke where are you.  I went home and you weren't there.  Are you still at the cafe, are you still with Sam."  I started to cry "Honey, Luke are you okay why are you crying."

"Sa- Sam go-t in-in an accident.  I'm at the hospital and I'm waiting for her to get out of surgery."  

"Oh my goodness,  sweetheart do her parents know."  

"I guess the hospital called them but they aren't here they went on a business trip or something."  I was still crying, "Wait mom I have to go the doctor is coming I love you bye."  I hung up.  I wiped my tears.

"Hello Luke,  Samantha is out of surgery and is in the recovery wing."  The doctor said "I can take you to her room."  We walked to an elevator and went up to the third floor.  As I walked into her room I saw all of these wires and tubes coming out if her and a wrap around her head.  I started to cry again.  I walked over to her and put her hand in mine.

"When will she wake up?"  I asked

"It is hard to say maybe today and maybe in a week but we will keep a close eye on her."  I shook my head and fell asleep holding on to her hand and resting my head on her bed.  

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