Trust Issues

It started out as secret meetings. But led to something more. Fond out what happens when Sam's(Samantha) big secret gets spread around the entire school. What will happen between her and her not so secret friend. Will she ever trust another guy again. Or will she let her self fall for another guy and then get burned again. Find out in Trust Issues.


3. Chapter 3

*Three months later*

It has been three months since Ashton has told everyone that I was "crazy".  He has called me non-stop and and texted me to the point where I had my number changed.  

I walked into school on Monday was still getting looks from people.  Some have turned from fear to pity and some have turned from hatred to well still very angry.  

I ignored them and walked to my first period class. As I walked through the strings hanging from the doorway I sat in my seat at the back of the room.  I had asked for my seat to be moved right after some idiot kid put gum in my hair.  The teacher said I could move to anywhere I would like.  I assumed she heard the rumor too and she felt sorry for me.  But I like to think it is because I have an 95 in her class and I am her favorite student.  Well anyway I chose the seat in the back where no one else sits.

I pulled out my computer from my bag and opened to my chats.  I had one friend that despite all of the rumors likes me for who I am.  His name is Luke.*this is before the band and before they are all friends.  But they will become friends in this story*

L- Good morning!

S-good morning to you too

L-Do you want to go somewhere after school today........?

I didn't know how to answer this because I have conflicted feelings for Luke.  On one hand I think I am starting to like him.  But then again I can't like another guy because of what happened with Ashton,

S-Ummm that depends...

L-on what?? ;)


L-the cafe near my house

I thought about it.  Maybe I should go but have it just be hanging out and not be a date

S-Okay I will meet you there

L-okay it's a date! :)

Oh my goodness! I looked at my screen with my mouth hanging open.  

"MMMHMM! Miss. Samantha, is there something you would like to share with the class?"  I didn't even hear the bell ring or notice kids coming in for class. 

I shook my head in embarrassment and replied with a light "No".


I walked out of school with a smile on my face.  I unlocked my car door and pulled out of the parking lot.  It was a rainy day and I was rushing to get to the cafe because I was going to be late.

All of a sudden when I went to make a turn a car sped up and hit me.  I flew around in my car and felt like I was going to die.  i felt something sharp cut my leg and them my head his against the steering wheel.  I was knocked out.

Luke's POV

I was sitting there waiting for Sam.  I had already ordered for her.  I got her her favorite, french vanilla coffee with extra cream and sugar.  

I had been sitting there for ten minutes after she was supposed to be here and she wasn't yet.  All of a sudden I hear a bunch of ambulances, fire trucks, and cops fly past the cafe.  I saw a news truck go by.  I walked outside and looked down the street.  They were all stopped at the corner.  I walked down a little farther and saw what was left of a car that looked like Sam's .  I started to run as fast as I could.  I pushed past the news and got close enough to see the fire trucks pulling Samantha's body out of the car.  She had a huge cut on her leg and her head was bleeding.  She was unconscious and had burns everywhere.  everything was in slow motion.. They lifted her on to the stretcher and put her in the back of an ambulance.  I rushed to be by her side when the cops surrounding the accident stopped me.

"Wait"  I screamed ta them "That is my best friend can i please go with them."  I pointed to the ambulance that Samantha had been put into.  They walked over to the EMT's and told them the situation.  

They let me get on and I sat in the back and held her hand the entire way to the hospital.

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