Trust Issues

It started out as secret meetings. But led to something more. Fond out what happens when Sam's(Samantha) big secret gets spread around the entire school. What will happen between her and her not so secret friend. Will she ever trust another guy again. Or will she let her self fall for another guy and then get burned again. Find out in Trust Issues.


10. Chapter 10


Sam’s POV 

Claum is right I shouldn’t let those comments get to me, they are just jealous.  But they still hurt.  I finished my makeup and walked back into his bedroom.  

“Okay so do you want to go out somewhere?”  he asked

“Sure.”  I replied “But where”  He shrugged his shoulders “I don’t know anywhere you would like.”  He smiled.  I didn’t really know where I wanted to go I knew I just wanted to do something to get my mind off of those hate comments.

“Let’s go ice skating!”  I said excitedly  “Okay, let’s go!”

We got into his car and drove to the ice skating rink.  "Hey, Sam do u mind if I ask the boys if they want to come."  I nodded because I did want to see Luke and Mikey I would just avoid Ashton as much as possible.  Claum texted the boys while we waited in the parking lot.  They all said yes and we went inside to get out skates once they got there.  I was putting mine on and when I stood up I was almost as tall as Claum.  I was pretty short but these kinda helped.  When Calum stood up with his skates on he walked over to me.

"How did it feel to be tall for a couple of seconds?"  he asked me joking around.

"Look I can't help that I am short."  He nodded his head.  "You are cute because you are short."  he said, I smiled.  

"Can we go skate now?"  Mikey asked.  We all agreed and walked over to the rink.  I wasn't that good so I held on to the wall the whole way around.  After a couple of laps I was getting pretty used to it and I was skating while holding Calums hand.  

After we were done skating we decided to go back to Calum's house and chill.  

"Can we watch a movie?"  I asked

"Sure."  They all said

Calums POV

I got up and turned on my Xbox.  I went to Netflix and skipped through movies until I got to 22 Jump Street.  I went back to Sam and sat down next to her again.  She rested her head on my shoulder.  She made me go crazy.

After the movie was over the boys went home and it was just me and Sam again.  She yawned and I being the person who is deeply crushing on her, picked her up bridal style and walked up to my room.  She went into the bathroom and changed into pajamas and I just took my shirt off and but on some basketball shorts.  When she came out she could not stop staring at me.  I felt my cheeks go red and I turned around and said, "I can put a shirt on if you want me to...I mean if it makes you feel uncomfortable."  She just shook her head no and laid down on the bed. 

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