Undead Seduction

A girl named Laika Yukki meets a young boy named Sabaku Sakura. She gets to know the boy and she soon finds out that he is a vampire. She doesn't want to end their friendship, but is it the right thing? Will he kill her or will he not?


4. Stains of Blood


 It is a Friday morning and Laika is waking up from her sleep. She rubs her eyes and she sits up. She sighs. 

 "I hope Sabaku still is my friend. After all I do like talking to him time to time." Laika says. She is wearing a black v-neck shirt that is tightly fitted on her. Her breasts can be clearly seen, which some of her shirts she wears people can see her breasts because they are a bit big for her age. Laika moves the covers from her legs and she stands up. She isn't wearing anything for underwear so she goes to her dresser and she gets some. She gets on her school uniform. As she leaves the house she locks the door. She turns around and Sabaku is standing in the shade leaning on a tree in the park. He seems to have been waiting on someone or something. Laika sighs depressingly. "I bet its not me." Laika says. She begins to walk toward the school. She looks at the corner of her eye time to time at Sabaku. She notices that he still has the arm bandaged. She doesn't notice that she is in the middle of the street. A driver is too late to react and he tries to stop the car, but the brakes didn't work and it makes a squealing noise. Laika looks at the car and she gasps in shock. Sabaku looks at where the sound came from and he sees a driver who is trying to stop the car, and Laika bracing for impact. The car is coming at Laika and the driver is doing everything he can to stop the car. His fingers touch the ignition and he turns the car off. The car is still moving toward Laika at the same speed as before. Laika gets thrown to the ground and she looks up. Sabaku has her in his arms and he isn't burning because he has the umbrella in between his elbow crease. Sabaku lands on the ground and he rolls also. He is in the shade, because a building is blocking the sun. He gets up and his umbrella is broken. Laika holds onto his jacket. Sabaku looks at her. His eyes are cold as always. 

 "Next time look where you're going." Sabaku says. He gets up from the ground. He brushes himself off. Laika gets up as well. She notices his umbrella is ruined. She lowers her head. 

 "Sorry about your umbrella Sabaku. I'll buy you another one." Laika says sadly. Sabaku looks at the broken umbrella. 

 "Dammit! Now what do I do to protect me from the sun?!" Sabaku says. He looks harshly at Laika. The driver gets out of the car and walks to Laika and Sabaku. 

 "Are you guys okay?" The driver asks. He is a short chubby man with no hair and glasses. He is wearing a yellow collared shirt and khaki pants with dress shoes. Laika looks at the man.

 "We're fine." Sabaku says sternly and still harshly looking at Laika. His eyes lock on her as if they are staring through her soul. Laika smiles at the man. He nods and he goes back into his car and drive off. Laika looks at Sabaku and jumps at how angry he looks. "You better have something to help me not get burned. Its your fault I risked my life to save your fucking ass." Sabaku says pointing his hand at the scene of the incident. Laika sighs. 

 "I'm sorry I don't have anything." Laika says. She lowers her head. Sabaku crosses his arms and looks away from her. 

 "I knew I should have just let that car run you over." Sabaku says. Laika hands him her uniform jacket. She has on the black v-neck shirt from this morning. Sabaku looks at her and sees her jacket. He sighs. 

 "A jacket? You are dumb." Sabaku says. 

 "Just hold it over your head." Laika says. He takes the jacket and he holds it above his head. The thickness of the jacket will help block the sun from reaching his skin. They walk down the sidewalk. 


 The students are in homeroom. As usual Sabaku borrowed Laika's homework, and he copied off her. Kenji looks at Sabaku. 

 "So how did it go with Laika last night? Did you two do it?" Kenji says. Sabaku looks up at Kenji and he gives him a glare. 

 "Tch, as if!" Sabaku says angrily. Laika has her head laid on her desk. Kenji looks over to Laika. 

 "Well since you aren't going to fuck her, I will." Kenji says. Sabaku grabs his arm and prevents him from getting up. 

 "You aren't fucking anything." Sabaku says sternly. "I told you not to do anything sexual to her." Kenji looks at him. 

 "And you're the one who is stalking her and having tutoring lessons." Kenji says. He snatches his hand away from Sabaku. 

 "I'm not stalking her, i'm making sure you punks don't go into her house and try to kill her or seduce her." Sabaku says. "I'm more like watching over her." Sabaku crosses his arms while sitting in his desk. Kenji giggles. 

 "Since when did you become her guardian angel?" Kenji teases Sabaku. Sabaku grits his teeth and socks Kenji in the mouth making his head lean backwards.

 "Its not like that!" Sabaku says angrily. He calms down and crosses his arms and closes his eyes. "But you are right about how I am her guardian. I guess you could put it that way." Sabaku says more calmly. Kenji's lip instantly heals. 

 "So why are you so defensive over her, but you treat her like a piece of shit?" Kenji asks. Sabaku sighs, and he opens his eyes and looks at Kenji. 

 "Its hard to explain." Sabaku says. Kenji nods. 


 They are at lunch and Sabaku is sitting by himself since none of his friends have this lunch. Laika notices Sabaku is sitting by himself at a table. She wants to sit beside him, but she thought he is still mad at her for breaking his umbrella. She trusts her gut and walks toward him. She sits beside him. Sabaku sighs. She looks at him. 

 "Sorry if you don't want me to sit here. I'll leave if you want me to." Laika says. 

 "Its alright for you to sit here." Sabaku says. "I'm lonely as it is." Laika gently smiles. 

 "I figured you was." Laika says. She starts eating her food. She notices that Sabaku hasn't touched his food. "Aren't you going to eat?" Laika asks. Sabaku shakes his head.

 "I'm a vampire, so I normally don't eat human food. Plus the lunch menu at this school tastes terrible." Sabaku says. He slides his tray to Laika. "You can have it if you want." Laika shakes her head. 

 "I'm fine with just mine." Laika says. 

 "Then I'll throw it away." The both say. Laika's hand touches it first and then Sabaku touches her hand. They both slightly blush. Sabaku quickly moves his hand from hers. Laika takes the tray and she throws it away, and then she comes back and she finishes her tray. She gets up again.

 "I'll throw yours away. Its only fair." Sabaku says. Laika smiles. 

 "Thank you." Laika says. He gets up and he takes the tray and throws it away. He goes out of the lunchroom and Laika follows him. He stops and leans on the wall outside of the lunchroom. Laika stands beside him. "So how do you get blood?" Laika asks. 

 "I'm not answering that question." Sabaku says. 

 "Oh, well then never mind." Laika says. "So did you ever get turned into a vampire?" Laika asks. 

 "If we're going to talk about my vampirism then I suggest we go someplace else." Sabaku says. Laika nods. They go to the rooftop of the school. Sabaku has Laika's uniform jacket over his head and he is away from the evening sun. Laika is standing beside him. "So what was your question again?" Sabaku asks. 

 "Were you ever turned into a vampire?" Laika asks. 

 "No." Sabaku says. 

 "So you were always a vampire?" Laika asks. 

 "Yes. Both my parents were vampires so by them mating it made me into a pure vampire. My kind is rare. I'm more stronger, and my abilities are more enhanced than the half-blooded vampires." Sabaku says. Laika nods.

 "So the other ones are they also pure-blooded?" Laika asks. 

 "Kenji, Kane, and Ikki aren't, but there are more vampires around the city, but we never really knew any of them." Sabaku says. Laika nods in understanding. 

 "As far as you and the ones in this school know you're the only pure-blooded vampire." Laika says. 

 "That's right." Sabaku says. Laika looks at the glaring sun. 

 "Does the sun effect all vampires?" Laika asks. 

 "Yes. Every single one." Sabaku says. "The sunlight harms pure-blooded vampire more than half-blooded. The sunlight wounds on a pure-blooded vampire won't recover as fast as a half-blooded." Sabaku says. "During the day the pure-blooded vampires abilities are decreased, but not the half-blooded."  Laika looks at Sabaku. 

 "But didn't you leave a hole in the wall of the school? So was that just your normal strength?" Laika asks. Sabaku sighs. 

 "I still have my abilities, but they are weakened." Sabaku says. "Its not like I'm as weak as a human in the sunlight." Laika nods. 


 Its night and Laika is studying in her room while listening to music. She happens to look outside and Sabaku is swinging on the swings at the park by himself. She pauses her music, and she walks downstairs, and out of her house. She has on a white t-shirt, and black mini-shorts. She walks to Sabaku sitting on the swing. Sabaku looks up and sees her standing in front of her. 

 "You can come inside anytime you want, just notify me." Laika says. Sabaku looks back down at the dirt. 

 "I'm alright." Sabaku says a little depressing. Laika noticed the tone in his voice. 

 "Sabaku." Laika says. He looks up at her. She is warmly smiling at him. "You can come in. Don't push yourself not to."

 "Alright I will." Sabaku says. He stands up. A few seconds later Sabaku is in Laika's room. She is laying on her bed studying. Sabaku is sitting on her computer chair looking at all the things in her room. She has a flat screen t.v, and a wooden entertainment center. Her blankets on her bed are light blue, and her pillows are the same color. The carpet is white, and it looks clean. Her room is kinda small. She has some pictures hanging on her wall of her as a kid, and her when she was in soccer, and a recent one of last years school picture. She looked cute as always. 

 "Its a nice room you got here." Sabaku says. Laika doesn't look up. 

 "Thanks." Laika says. Sabaku stands up. 

 "You mind if I sleep here?" Sabaku asks. Laika looks up from her reading. 

 "You don't have a home?" Laika asks. 

 "To be honest no." Sabaku says. "I don't sleep." 

 "Wow, you have a hard life then...The I guess you can." Laika says. "But you will have to sleep in my room." Sabaku glares at her. 

 "Tch, the hell I ain't." Sabaku says. 

 "Then I guess you can't stay here." Laika says. Sabaku rolls his eyes. 

 "Fine." Sabaku says. Laika smiles. 

 "You can sleep on the floor. Just make your own bed." Laika says. Sabaku crosses his arms. 

 "I thought you humans said you respect house guests?" Sabaku says. Laika smirks. 

 "You're dead, so you aren't living. Or nor are you a human, you're a vampire." Laika says. She knew she had got Sabaku. 

 "You humans these days." Sabaku mumbles. He sets up a bed for him to sleep on. It took him a few minutes to do. He has a black long sleeve shirt on and a pair of black baggy track pants. He is laying on his homemade bed. Laika is laying on her bed. The lights in all of the house are off and Laika's mother is asleep. Sabaku sits up and looks at Laika. He can see her face and she is sound asleep. The moonlight shines on her face. Her hair is gleaming as the moonlight shines on it. Sabaku looks at the moonlight. "Well, she might be human, but something tells me in need her for some reason." Sabaku says. He looks away from the moonlight and at his hands. He still has the bandage on his arm. He lays back down and puts his arms behind his head. He closes his eyes and he soon falls asleep. 

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