Undead Seduction

A girl named Laika Yukki meets a young boy named Sabaku Sakura. She gets to know the boy and she soon finds out that he is a vampire. She doesn't want to end their friendship, but is it the right thing? Will he kill her or will he not?


2. Nothing is True

 Yui is walking down the street. He black hair flows behind her, and her pink scarf is wrapped around her neck and it covers her mouth and nose. She is wearing her school uniform, under a black jacket. She stops with some other people who are waiting to cross the street. The green walk light comes on and she crosses the street and the Sakura trees blow the pink leaves from the branches. She walks on the school campus and goes into the school. Kenji is leaning on the door and he grabs her arm. She looks back and Kenji is smirking. She gasps, and Kenji pulls her closer to him. 

 "Hey there Laika." Kenji says feeling her waist. Laika tries to break free, but his grip on her is too strong. 

 "Leave me alone you freak!" Laika says as she struggles to break free. Kenji opens his mouth and licks her neck. She gasps as the cold tongue touches her neck. 

 "Kenji! What did I tell you? Now leave her alone." Sabaku says. He is standing in the hall with his hands in his pockets. Kenji turns to Sabaku. 

 "Sabaku when did you get here?" Kenji asks. He narrows his eyes at Sabaku. Sabaku closes his eyes and he flips his hair making half of it go over his eye. 

 "I was waiting for Laika, but your dirty hands touched her after I said not to." Sabaku says. Kenji grits his teeth. Laika looks at Sabaku. 

 "What are you guys talking about?" Laika says. Sabaku looks at Laika

 "Shut up." Sabaku says. Laika gasps. 

 "Tch, Sabaku you're no fun." Kenji says. He walks to his homeroom. Sabaku closes his eyes and Laika walks beside him.

 "Don't thank me." Sabaku says. Laika walks down the hallway to her homeroom. Sabaku catches up with her. "If Kenji tries to seduce you again just call me, Ikki, or Kain. We'll help get him away from you." Sabaku says. He begins to walk off. 

 "Hey Sakura-san." Laika says. Sabaku looks back. 

 "Just call me Sabaku. What is it?" Sabaku says. Laika clears her throat. 

 "Th-" She stops before she finished. "Nevermind." Laika says. Sabaku looks forward and walks to homeroom.


 In homeroom everyone is sitting down, and Sabaku is trying to finish is homework again. Laika looks at Sabaku and once again he is struggling. She gives him her paper and he looks up at her. She gives him a friendly smile and Sabaku looks on her paper. Sabaku is copying her answers. He looks at all his answers, and he changes his answers to hers. He gets done and gives her paper back. Sabaku rests his head on his hand. Laika looks at him again. 

 "If you need a tutor i'll be glad to help." Laika says smiling with her eyes closed. Sabaku looks at her.

 "I don't need a tutor, I'm already fine with copying your answers." Sabaku says. 

 "Just in case you change your mind here is my number." Laika says. She gives him her phone number on a piece of paper. Sabaku doesn't take it so she lays it on his desk. She turns toward the front of the class. The teacher comes in the room and he sets his binder on the desk. 

 "Alright class." The teacher says. He pushes his glasses on his nose. He has black straight hair that goes down to his eyebrows. "I' will take roll, and after that you will turn in your homework from the last few days." After class was finished Sabaku is leaning on the wall away from the sunlight. Laika walks up to him. 

 "I've been wondering about your skin condition. Have you always had it?" Laika asks. Sabaku looks at her and he turns his head away from her. 

 "Just leave me alone." Sabaku says. Laika turns around and she bumps into Kain Jurai. She looks up at Kain, and she moves out of his way. 

 "Sorry." Laika says. She walks to her friends. Kain looks at Sabaku. 

 "So what did she want?" Kain asks. Sabaku doesn't look at Kain.

 "She wanted to know about my skin condition." Sabaku says.

 "Oh, so I heard from Ikki that Kenji was trying to seduce Laika. Was that true?" Kain asks. He leans on the wall beside Sabaku.

 "Yeah, I stopped him. He should learn to keep his dirty hands off the girls when he isn't feeding on them." Sabaku says. "I'll be glad when he dies from a disease." Sabaku says crossing his arms. 

 "I know deep inside you have some care for him." Kain says. 

 "Tch, I have no sense of love for that poor bastard." Sabaku says. The bell rings for the next class and Sabaku grabs his satchel and walks out of the room. 


 It is P.E, so Sabaku, Kain, Ikki, and Kenji have to stay inside while the others go outside to play sports. Sabaku sits on the bleachers. Kain is leaning on the wall beside Sabaku. Kenji is studying for a test. Ikki is reading a book. 

 "Kenji you disobeyed an order from Sabaku. We'll be punishing you soon." Kain says. 

 "Like I care. I just get no blood for the night big deal." Kenji says. 

 "We'll make it three nights then." Kain says. 

 "I told you not to touch Laika. I stayed behind because I knew Laika was late. Then you took it upon yourself to try and bite her." Sabaku says. 

 "I was hungry is all." Kenji says. "After all you aren't going to bite her." Kenji glares at Sabaku. 

 "You're right." Sabaku opens his eyes and looks at Kenji. "I wasn't and i'm never going to do it." Sabaku says. Kenji smirks. 

 "First come, first serve." Kenji says. 

 "For your information she came to me first." Sabaku says. "But i'm not going to feed on her." 

 "So you're giving her away. So she's mine!" Kenji says. He gets up and walks to Sabaku. 

 "I told everyone to not touch her. So don't do it." Sabaku says. He gets up. 

 "But you are like giving her away." Kenji says. "So I cal dibs!" Kenji says loudly. 

 "Shut up pencil dick!" Sabaku says. They both grab each other by the shirt and get ready to punch each other. Kain grabs Sabaku and pulls him back. Ikki pulls Kenji back. Sabaku turns his head. 

 "Tch, you should have let me punch him." Sabaku says. He sits down on the bleachers. Kenji sits down on the bleachers too, and he goes back to studying. A few hours later it is time for school to be over. Sabaku walks down the hall and Laika catches up to him. 

 "Hey Sabaku!" Laika says. He turns around and he looks at Laika. 

 "What is it?" Sabaku asks. 

 "I wanted to know if I could tutor you on your math tomorrow. You know we have a test on Friday." Laika says. 

 "Tch, does tutoring me mean that bad to you?" Sabaku says crossing his arms. 

 "Well you are a friend of mine, and you helped me with Sushi." Laika says. 

 "Alright fine." Sabaku says. Laika nods, and she walks pass him ti the front doors. He follows after her. 


 It is night and Laika is laying in bed listening to music from her phone and reading a book. She gets a text from her friend and so she texts her back. She noticed movement outside her window. She looks outside and sees Sabaku, Kain, Ikki, and Kenji all standing in a circle talking. She doesn't think much about it and so she continues reading. 

 "So this is where Laika lives?" Kenji asks. 

 "When she gave me her phone number, her address was on it too." Sabaku says. 

 "So she gave you her phone number? That's amazing!" Kenji says clapping. Sabaku rolls his eyes. 

 "So why did you take us all here anyways?" Ikki asks. 

 "So if you don't find one of the brotherly vampires in the group look here and possibly their breaking the order." Sabaku says. 

 "Why are you so obsessed over this girl?" Kain asks. "You're protecting her on a whole different level." 

 "I don't know, but something in my mind tells me that we need to protect her." Sabaku says.

 "Well you are the only pure vampire in the group." Kenji says.

 "We should investigate on her then." Kain says. "We might need to know something." Kain puts his finger on his bottom lip. 

 "Sabaku looks at the bedroom window of Laika's room. He sees Laika undressing. He turns his head, and look at the park nearby. The other vampires leave, but Sabaku stays behind. He sits on the swing and looks at the dirt. Laika notices him, and how lonely he looks. She closes her book, and walks out of her room and walks downstairs and out the door. She walks to where Sabaku is and she sits down on the swing beside him. 

 "You must be lonely." Laika says. Sabaku sighs and he lowers his head making his hair look longer.

 "I've always been lonely." Sabaku says. Laika looks at him. He is moving his feet in the dirt making lines in the dirt. 

 "I see. You don't like people do you?" Laika asks. Sabaku looks at Laika.

 "What makes you say that?" Sabaku asks. 

 "You're always telling me to shut up, and leave me alone. So I thought you don't like people." Laika says. Sabaku gets up from the swing. 

 "I don't like people. I hate them." Sabaku says. He begins to walk out of the park. 

 "Why?" Laika says. "Why do you hate people?" Sabaku stops, and looks back at Laika. 

 "Because, they killed my parents." Sabaku says. He turns his head forward and he walks out of the park into the darkness. Laika's eyes widen. 

 "His parents were murdered?" Laika asks herself. She looks sad. "Now I get it. He doesn't like people because his parents were murdered." Laika says. She looks up and the moonlight shines on her face. "That is a horrible life to live."  

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