Undead Seduction

A girl named Laika Yukki meets a young boy named Sabaku Sakura. She gets to know the boy and she soon finds out that he is a vampire. She doesn't want to end their friendship, but is it the right thing? Will he kill her or will he not?


3. Helping Hand

 Laika is swinging in the swing, and then she gets up. She begins to walk and Kain walks pass her. She stops and stares at him. Kain stops and looks back at Laika. 

 "I act like you've seen a ghost." Kain says. 

 "Your skin is so pale. Why is it?" Laika asks. Kain turns around and she sees his whole face. 

 "You've heard of Sabaku Sakura's condition right? Its just like his. I'll blister in the sunlight." Kain says. Laika nods. 

 "I understand." Laika says. Kain begins to walk off. "Hey mister." Kain looks back. 

 "My name is Kain. What is it?" Kain asks. 

 "Tell Sabaku that i'll be waiting for him after school." Laika says. Kain nods, and he walks into the darkness of the night. 


 It is morning on Thursday. Laika walks out of her house, and she walks to school. She sees Sabaku, Kain, Kenji, and Ikki all standing in the shade. She walks to them. 

 "Hey Sabaku, your senpai is coming." Kenji says teasing Sabaku. Sabaku has his arms crossed, and he is leaning on the school wall.

 "Tch, that's bullshit." Sabaku says sternly. He turns his head away from Kenji. Laika looks in her bag for something, and then she pulls out her homework paper. 

 "Here, you can copy it out here if you want." Laika says handing him the paper. Kenji and the others smirk and hold in a laugh. 

 "You of all people Sabaku. You have to copy from someone else." Kain says smirking. Sabaku takes the paper. He turns around and he puts her paper on the wall and he gets his out and it doesn't have one question answered. He copies her answers. Kain, Kenji, and Ikki, all watch him copy her answers. He gets done and he gives her paper back to her. 

 "You're welcome." Laika says. She puts her paper back into the satchel and she walks toward where her friends are. 

 "I didn't say thank you." Sabaku says. He is a bit moody, but he is moody everyday. 

 "Sabaku are you embarrassed?" Kenji says teasing Sabaku. Sabaku glares at Kenji. 

 "Tch, me embarrassed? I'd die before I fall in love." Sabaku says. He closes his eyes. 

 "Then what is she to you? A friend?" Ikki asks teasing Sabaku. Sabaku looks at Ikki. 

 "She isn't even a friend either." Sabaku says. 

 "Why did she tell me to tell you she'll be waiting for you after school?" Kain asks with a smirk. Sabaku glares at Kain. 

 "Oh, is Sabaku breaking his own order?" Kenji says teasing him again. 

 "No, she is just tutoring me." Sabaku says. "I need the lessons to graduate the school and go on about my life." Sabaku closes his eyes. 

 "Lesson about how to finger her properly." Kenji smirks after he said it. "And how to lick her tight pussy." Kenji's smrk grows bigger. Sabaku slams his hand against the brick wall and the bricks fall down. 

 "Shut up! Its not like that!" Sabaku yells. He walks away in anger. Kain, and the others shake their heads and snicker. Kenji laughs. 


 In homeroom Sabaku is tapping his fingers on the desk. Laika looks at him. 

 "Is someth-"

 "Shut up, and turn your happy ass around." Sabaku interrupts her. Laika obeys his command, and she turns around. Sabaku keeps tapping the desk. 

 "I wonder what is wrong with him? Maybe his friends teased him to much." Laika thought. She looks back at Sabaku, and he has an annoyed expression. Laika turns toward the front and she thought some more. 

 "Alright class, we'll get started with reviewing for the test tomorrow. Get into groups. Two people in one group." The teacher says. Everyone finds their friend and gets with them. Laika doesn't have any of her friends, and Sabaku hasn't moved from his seat. She looks at him. 

 "Sabaku you want to be a group?" Laika asks. Sabaku looks at her. 

 "I don't need a group to study." Sabaku says. He looks down at his notes and starts reading them. Laika turns around in her desk. 

 "Sakura, and Yukki. You two are the only ones left so partner up." The teacher says. 

 "Tch, this shit." Sabaku mumbles under his breath. Laika scoots her desk toward his and she reads off her notes. 

 "Are you always like this?" Laika asks, after she read a few notes to him. Sabaku still is tapping on the desk. 

 "Yeah, you gotta problem?" Sabaku says. 

 "You could be more, you know cheerful." Laika says.

 "Well to bad." Sabaku says. Laika stops his fingers from tapping the desk. 

 "You aren't going to get friends with that attitude." Laika says. Sabaku gives her a glare of full hatred. 

 "Friends? They are a waste of time." Sabaku says. 

 "Isn't Kain, Kenji, and Ikki your friends?" Laika asks. Sabaku turns his head away from her. 

 "Tch, they act like idiots." Sabaku says. Laika gives him a glare. 

 "Maybe you're the idiot. You have a friend trying to make you feel happy once in your life." Laika says. She touches his hand to stop him from tapping again and she feels how cold his hands are. She quickly moves it back. "You're ice cold!" Laika says shockingly. 

 "So, I doesn't mean anything." Sabaku says. Laika touches his cheek and they are ice cold. Sabaku grabs her hand. "Don't touch my face again." Sabaku says sternly. Sabaku's grip gets harder without him noticing. Laika feels her hand being crushed.

 "S-Sabaku, you're grip is hurting me." Laika says wincing at her pain. Sabaku doesn't let go. He doesn't notice her pain. He lets go of her hand and she holds it. She looks at Sabaku and she glares at him. "You could have broken my hand you dumbass!" Laika says angrily. 

 "It wasn't my fault you touched my face." Sabaku says. He looks down at his notes. Laika slaps him across the face and there is a red bruise on his face. He slowly turns to her. She gives him the go to hell look. Sabaku knew she was pissed. 

 "You won't get any girl to like you if you keep hurting them!" Laika says. She looks down at her notes and she reads them. Sabaku looks back at his completely shocked that she actually slapped him. He holds his cheek and then looks at his hand. She actually cut his skin and drips of blood was on his palm. Laika looks at his hand in the corner of her eye and sees blood. "That's what you get." Laika says. She keeps reading. Sabaku gets out a paper towel and wipes the blood off his palm. The cut healed instantly. He keeps reading the notes. 


 It is at the end of school, and Sabaku is sitting alone on the bleachers with the umbrella toward the sun. He thinks about what must have provoked Laika to slap him. While Yuri was walking to the cheerleading team she saw Sabaku sitting on the bleachers. She has blonde hair, and blue eyes. She is wearing the cheerleading outfit. It is black with red outlines. She walks up the bleachers where he was sitting. 

 "Hi Sabaku." Yuri says waving and smiling. Sabaku looks up at Yuri. 

 "Hey Yuri." Sabaku says. He looks back down and starts thinking again. 

 "Why aren't you with your friends?" Yuri asks. She sits down beside him. 

 "Because they already left." Sabaku says. Yuri holds his arm and lays her head on his shoulder. 

 "Well you still got me." Yuri says. Sabaku isn't listening to her. Laika walks pass the bleachers looking for Sabaku. He doesn't notice her go by. Laika looks beside her and sees Sabaku sitting on the bleachers with Yuri holding his arm with her head on his shoulder. She walks up the bleachers. 

 "Sabaku are you ready to study?" Laika asks. Sabaku looks at her. 

 "I guess I will." Sabaku says. He stands up with Yuri. 

 "Who are you?" Yuri asks. Laika looks at her.

 "I'm Laika Yukki." Laika says. "Nice to meet you." Laika says. Yuri gives her a disgust look. 

 "I don't shake hands with nerds." Yuri says. Laika tilts her head. 

 "I was being nice." Laika says. "I was trying to harass you." Yuri walks down the stairs and to the cheerleading building. Sabaku walks down the bleachers. Laika follows him. "Aren't you coming over to study?" Laika asks. 

 "Didn't you hear me? I said I guess." Sabaku says. "Tch, you're annoying." Laika looks sad. She clenches her books closer to her chest. 

 "Everyone thinks I am." Laika says. "I thought you were different." Sabaku looks at her. 

 "Are you going to cry? Please don't." Sabaku asks. Laika looks at him. 

 "I'm not. After everyone I met says i'm annoying except my friends, why would you cry? It'll just make you weak." Laika says. 

 "Well stop asking so many questions." Sabaku says. Laika looks down with her hair covering her eyes. 

 "I ask questions to get to know the person better." Laika says. 

 "If you would just figure it out on your own like some people do, then you'd make good friends. I don't even know why you want friends. Its not like you're going to live forever. I don't even know why we're alive if we're just going to die someday." Sabaku says. Laika looks at him. 

 "Life is something to enjoy. You have an amount of days on earth, so make them last." Laika says. Sabaku shakes his head. 

 "Life is something to punish people. It takes our things we love most away." Sabaku says. Laika stops and turns to Sabaku. 

 "Maybe life takes those things away to make something come more better than what you already have. Like a more greater love." Laika says. Sabaku looks away from Laika. 

 "Tch, love turned its back on me." Sabaku says. He walks down the street and he stops at Laika's house. Laika walks to him. 

 "Maybe it didn't. Maybe its waiting for you again, and you just have to find where its hiding." Laika says. She unlocks the door and she opens it. She walks inside and Sabaku stays outside. Laika looks back at Sabaku standing outside. 

 "You can come in you know." Laika says. Sabaku steps inside and he knew she just invited every vampire inside her house. Laika walks upstairs. Sabaku walks to the couch and he sits on it. Laika comes back downstairs. 

 "So you live here alone?" Sabaku asks. He lays his head back. 

 "Just me, my mom, and my sister who is eighteen but she is still in school." Laika says. 

 "Oh. Is your sister named Yumi Yukki by any chance?" Sabaku asks. 

 "Yes that's my sister." Laika says. She sits down beside Sabaku. She gets out her notes and she looks through them. Sabaku looks at what Laika is doing. He notices a mirror behind Laika and it doesn't show his reflection. He gets up and he stands out of the mirrors view. The sun barely touches his jacket on his shoulder. Laika looks at Sabaku. "Why are you standing up. Come sit down." Laika says. She pats the couch. 

 "I'll feel more comfortable standing up." Sabaku says. He leans on the wall. He fears something usual and he looks back his eyes widen at a holy cross with Jesus on it. He steps back in fear. He trips over a coffee table and Laika quickly looks up. She sees Sabaku on the ground, and the curtains fall down and the sunlight shines on Sabaku's arm. It starts to burn. He yanks it back and he gets up Laika stands up and she sees that Sabaku has no reflection in the mirror. She gasps in horror. "S-Sabaku you're a v-vampire?!" Laika says in horror. Sabaku stands up and he looks at Laika. 

 "Well now that you know. You can't tell anyone this, or I'll have no choice but to kill you." Sabaku says. He holds his burnt arm. Laika nods. 

 "O-okay." Laika stands there in shock and in horror. Sabaku walks to the kitchen and he gets the first aid kit out of one of the cabinets. He turns the cold water on in the sink and washes the blood off so the wound can heal. He dries his arm, and he wraps the arm in a bandage. He turns around and Laika is still standing in shock.

 "You act like you've never seen a vampire before." Sabaku says. Laika shakes her head. 

 "Its just that I've never seen one in person." Laika says. Sabaku walks to the living room. 

"Oh, most people would have either tried to kill me or called the vampire hunters to come and do it." Sabaku says. He stands two feet in front of the where the sunlight shines. Laika notices that he can't come in the sunlight. She walks over to the curtain and she fixes it to where it doesn't show any sunlight. 

"I have one room that doesn't have much sunlight, and we can talk there." Laika says. Sabaku nods. She walks to a door in the hallway and she opens it. It leads down the the basement. She motions for Sabaku to come. He walks over to the door, and they go inside. She closes the door, and she walks down the stairs. Sabaku notices that the basement is almost empty. It only has a torn and worn out couch, and one chair that is in the same condtion as the couch. It has one table that is dusty and has spiderwebs all over it. Laika walks to the center of the room. Sabaku is looking at all the old furniture. "So that's why your hand and cheeks were cold as ice." Laika says. 

 "Yeah." You are the first from the class to find out i'm a vampire." Sabaku says. 

 "So does that mean all the people with your skin condition are vampires?" Laika asks. Sabaku nods. 

 "Yes." Sabaku says. 

 "Oh wow. You have a very bad secret to keep." Laika says. 

 "Yeah I know." Sabaku says. Laika looks at him with worry. 

 "You have to keep this a secret, and if anyone finds out you might die." Laika says. Sabaku doesn't look at her. 

 "Tch, like I care if I do." Sabaku says. He crosses his arms. Laika walks closer to him. 

 "I care. You're a friend of mine so I don't want you to die." Laika says. She touches his cheek and try to resist the cold of his skin. Sabaku looks at her. 

 "Why do you care so much?" Sabaku asks. His eyes lock on hers

 "Because you're a friend, and I care about your well-being." Laika says. Sabaku walks to the door. 

 "I wish I could say the same." Sabaku says. His hand touches the doorknob. Laika grabs his arm. Sabaku looks back.

 "You don't think of me as a friend?!" Laika asks. "I consider you as one." Sabaku sighs. 

 "Laika, you shouldn't be friends with a vampire." Sabaku says. He opens the door and walks out of the basement. Laika looks down. 

 "As you wish." Laika mumbles.

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